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How To Choose a Hair Stylist

for many women finding a hair stylist can be a stressful experience. Different stylists may be trained to do different techniques, while others may only be trained to do basic cuts. Then,the amount of talent among stylists varies. It can make choosing one difficult and finding a new hair stylist can take time. However, by following a few guidelines, it can be less stressful. Here are some tips:

finding the best hairstylist

1. Figure out a hair budget.

Hair stylists can charge varying rates. The rate a stylist charges depends on a number of factors such as the company he or she works for, as well as training and experience. By figuring out a hair budget before looking for a hair stylist, it can be easier to narrow the search. If you can afford to spend money, stylists are often an area where you get what you pay for. If you need budget hair care, know ahead of time what you can afford to spend.

2. Ask for recommendations.

When a friend or family member has a nice haircut or style, it can be worth it to ask where she got her hair done. The friend or family member may also be able to recommend other stylists, as well. Also, don’t be afraid to stop a stranger with a beautiful cut or color and ask about their stylist. Most people will happily recommend someone if they feel that they are a great stylist. Service review websites such as Yelp can also provide information on salons and stylists.

3. Look for hair stylists who cater to specific types of hair and styles.

A stylist who typically does basic cuts and styles may not be experienced enough to deal with hair that is curly or requires more complicated cutting techniques. Before choosing a stylist, it can be beneficial to research stylists who cater to a certain type of hair style or hair type. For example, if a person frequently dyes her hair, she would want a hair stylist that knows more about proper hair color and dying techniques. Many salons will note their stylists areas of particular expertise. So, if color is most important to you, look for the person with extra training in that area.

4. Seek out hair stylists who work well with clients.

A good hair stylist will listen to what a client wants and work with her to find the best hair style. A client should always feel comfortable around her stylist and should always feel comfortable explaining what she wants to do with her hair. The hair stylist should always be willing to listen and accommodate a client or work with a client to achieve what she wants. Test this by setting up a consultation. If the stylist is unwilling to listen or doesn’t make you feel at ease, then look elsewhere.

5. Ask for recommendations from other hair stylists.

Many hair stylists are willing to recommend another stylist to clients when the need arises.  If you are moving, your current stylist might have recommendations for salons in your ne city. Or, in certain situations, a hair stylist may be willing to send a client to another stylist if the client requires something specific. For example, if a client wants creative hair color and another stylist at the salon has expertise in that area, they might collaborate.

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