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MAC Cosmetics and Marilyn Monroe

MAC has announced the October 2012 launch of a limited edition Marilyn Monroe collection with eye shadows, liners, lip products and  nail polish. MAC has a history of forming collections around cultural icons, with past wildly popular collections based on Barbie and Hello Kitty, and the use of celebrity figures for their charity promotions through the VIVA Glam line. But Marilyn will be quite the challenge I suspect.

Purchased license © Sanja Baljkas | Dreamstime.com

Of course, Marilyn Monroe is a a bit of trend right now, with the new television show Smash focusing on her, and I love Katherine McPhee and Megan Hilty in that show so far. She is also the perfect icon for the focus of a limited edition cosmetics line, so I can se this working well if done right. But there is the rub, it has to be done correctly. MAC has shown its ability to do classy packaging in the past, but it has also put out plenty of limited edition  items with a bit cheaper packaging looks to them. Doing Marilyn will require a classy and upscale look and feel, otherwise I worry that it will disappoint. I’m not worried about MAC getting the shades right.  I have full confidence in them for that. But I sure hope the packaging is up to par.

I will be eagerly awaiting MAC Marilyn Monroe collection. Let’s hope it is a good one!

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