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MAC Vera Swatches and Review, Metallic Pigments

The MAC Vera Collection for spring 2012 is one of my favorite spring collections. It is full of soft and pretty shades with a spring floral theme that tends to fit my own personal style. The collection also has three sets of crushed metallic pigments and I do love the MAC pigments.



I got two sets of the MAC Vera Pigments to swatch. The first, and my favorite, is the Aloha set, which will also work very nicely in summer when gold and bronze shades always become popular.  I decided to include photos of the pigment covers here too, since they give a nice sense of the shades.

MAC Vera Aloha Pigments

Here are MAC Vera Aloha Pigment swatches of the shades Aloha, Shifting Sands, Campfire, and Lantern Light.

MAc Vera aloha Pigment Swatches

Next is the Strawberry Patch Pigment set.

MAC Vera Strawberry Patch Pigments

Below are MAC Vera Strawberry Patch Pigment Swatches of the shades Strawberry Patch, Moon Rose, Rose Light, and Star Crystal.

MAC Vera Pigment Swatches Strawberry Patch

Although listed as a frost, the Strawberry Patch shade was not milled as finely,and was a bit more like a glitter. I love the shade though!

Disclosure: This review and swatches is based on items given to me by a representative of MAC cosmetics. For more, please refer to the disclosure page.

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