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Quiz: What is Your Best Hair Color?

This fun quiz tells you your perfect hair color based on personality traits. Now, I’m not sure I buy into that completely, and prefer to pick my hair color based on what looks good with my skin tone, but the quiz was fun anyway. Plus, it told me I should be a redhead, which is what I am (with blond highlights)!

For a bit of a fun diversion, click on through below to take the quiz.

Do You Have the Right Hair Color?

Even Mother Nature can goof sometimes. See what hair color you should’ve been born with here


Do You Have the Right Hair Color?

This is a TotalBeauty.com hair color article

Do you feel like your mousy brown hair color doesn’t express who you really are? Were you born a blonde but think you are meant to be redhead? See which hair color best matches your personality with this quiz.

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