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Shop MAC Swatches, Eye Shadow Quads

The Shop MAC-Cook MAC Collection is full of fun spring shades. For soft shades, look to the Vera collection, while for shades that shout, look to Shop MAC and Cook MAC. Shop MAC includes three new eye shadow quads which I have photos and swatches of below.


First up is the Shop MAC Call Me Bubbles Palette.

Shop MAC Call Me Bubbles Eye Shadow Quad

From  right to left are Call Me Bubbles swatches of the shades Call Me Bubbles, Fresh Daily, Full of Flavour, and Brash

Shop MAC Call Me Bubbles Swatches

Next is the MAC Shop and Drop Palette.

Shop MAC Shop and Drop Quad

From left to right are Shop MAC swatches of the Shop and Drop shades Fresh Daily, Hypnotizing, Power Boosted, and Shop and Drop.

Shop MAC Swatches Shop and Drop Eye Shadow Quad

Finally, there is the Colour Added quad.

Shop MAC Colour Added Eyeshadow Palette

Below are MAC Colour Added swatches with the shades Laundry Daze, Colour Added, Pre-Packaged, and Self-Serve.

Shop MAC Colour Added Eyeshadow Swatches

The pigment in the quads is pretty good. I have had a few times with recent collections where I thought the pigment was not as strong as it should be for MAC, but these tend to live up to the quality I would expect, and some of the colors are pretty interesting as well.

Disclosure: This review is based on items provided to me by MAC. For for, please refer to our disclosure page.

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