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Awhile back, I joined Pinterest (you can follow me here: Carleen Coulter on Pinterest). All of sudden, I found myself pinning pictures of shoes. Now, I’m not really as into to shoes as I am into makeup and handbags, but apparently I just can’t resist pictures of them!

And then there are the handbags. I could spend hours browsing bags online, such as the Phillip Lim satchel below. So, I figured it was time for a blog devoted to them. Enter Bag Blog Shoe.


the blog is mostly aimed at posting pictures of neat handbags and shoes with no concern for price range. Cheap, luxury, leather, pleather, designer, budget, it all can be there. The site is new, but the aim is for an item posted everyday, which is also shared on Pinterest. Come on pay it a visit!

Visit Bag Blog Shoe

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