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5 Trendy Fashion Accessories Making a Spring Splash in 2012

Guest Post

Fashion trends are exciting and heavily anticipated by the public. This is due to the fact that clothing styles continue to change and evolve from one season to the next, and this year is certainly no different. 2012 is the year that you can expect to see a perfect combination of styles that combine futuristic looks with fashions that may best be described as ‘blasts from the past’.

Five Fashion Accessories To Check Out This Season

This season abstract prints will battle for center stage and these runway fashions will do battle with the year’s top designs that feature feminine pastel prints and colors. Fabrics containing computerized images are going to generate a great deal of buzz. Look for computer generated designs to show up in many of the clothes and accessories that are being sold by leading designers.

Accessorizing is going to achieve new heights in 2012. Accessory designers are attracting more attention this usual this year. Even a Gucci original straight from the Milan runway still needs to be styled correctly and it is the accessories that are responsible for transforming a standard look into a stunning sensation.

Here are 5 of the trendiest fashion accessories that are going to be making a splash during the 2012 spring season:

Pastel Bags: You are in luck if purses are high on your list of favorite accessories. Those designer handbags are once again a top choice for fashion divas who want to add some extra spice to their favorite new wardrobe ensembles. Look for a style such as the Gladstone bag if you want to experience sophisticated style and elegance. Many of the newest handbags are going to be featured in pastel shades such as beige, pale yellow, soft green and baby blue.

 Wristbands and Lanyards have also carved out a niche on the style totem pole. While some may prefer to use a single item the more fashion savvy folks are looking to up the ante. Watch for lanyards and wristbands to show up as multiple units when they are being worn with most outfits. Combining textures and colors is one way of making a personal style statement. Wristbands and lanyards are being constructed from both fabric and metal which means you can create a look that will get noticed.

Hats: Topping it off this year will be a variety of fanciful hats that can be worn with skirts, dresses or casual jeans. Berets, fedoras and wide brims are just a few of the looks that will be seen adorning the heads of divas around the world.

Modified platform sandals are expected to generate a lot of sales for retailers this year. These styles are very similar to the 70s platform shoes but the new designs are far more ‘foot-friendly’. Expect to see more shoe construction that incorporates natural materials such as straw, cotton and leather.

Neck chains are once again in vogue and this year there will be styles suitable for every taste. Instead of making a fashion statement with one chunky chain this year it is all about personalizing your look by combining multiple chains at once.

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