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A Guide to Hair Extensions

Hairstyling has truly gone a long way; innovations have led to the use of hair extensions in both regular and special occasions. Hair extensions are actually strands of artificial hair that are added to a person’s real hair to achieve more volume and length. The wearing of these extensions is actually a long-standing secret of many models and celebrities but now that the hair makers have reduced their prices, any regular girl can already have glamorous hair like the stars do. Hair extensions originally came as clip-ins but more methods have been developed to accommodate the growing needs of the fashion industry. Today, many women are sporting these extensions but they go undetected because they simply look so natural.

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All About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions allow a girl to explore different hairstyles that cannot be achieved with her real tresses. This trend enables the wearer to express herself in a more creative and flexible way. It makes a woman feel and look more beautiful that’s why this fashion will not die easily.

Basic Types of Extensions

Based on the material it is made of, extensions can either be from human or synthetic hair. Human hair extensions definitely are more expensive and superior in quality simply because these are made entirely from a real person’s hair. They can match perfectly with the wearer’s own hair and can be styled into almost anything, just like the way we do with our natural locks. The highest class of human hair extensions is the Remy hair because it is the shiniest and most manageable type of human hair.

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is made of artificial hair fibers like kanekalon and monofibre. This type of hair extension is cheaper but less flexible; there are limitations to the hairstyles that you can do with it. However, synthetic hair is more economical to use for short-term purposes only.

Methods of Attachment

There are 3 common methods of attaching hair extensions: clip in, braiding, and fusion bonding. Clip in extensions are usually ponytails of hair strands that are attached to the wearer’s head using plastic or metal clips. These clips are easily attached and removed. This method is good for those who are trying hair extensions for the first time; without having to spend much and needing the help of a stylist.

Braiding is done by interweaving pieces of the hair extension with the roots of the real hair. This method will give an illusion that the extension is naturally growing from the scalp. However, it hurts the natural hair which can lead to hair fall and breakage.

Fusion bonding is a technique that uses special glue to attach the extensions to the natural hair. This glue is specially intended for use on the hair and will normally hold the extension for one week. Fusion hair extensions are removed through another special kind of oil that softens the glue on the hair. But one major drawback of this method is the damage that it can give to the hair and scalp. That is why anyone who chooses to undergo fusion has to be careful and prepared with possible adverse effects.

Hair Extension Costs

The costs involved in getting a hair extension include the costs of the extension, attachment method, and regular maintenance. Your location and competence of the hairstylist will also determine the price that you have to pay. If you live in big cities like Los Angeles and New York, the cost of getting an extension in these places are definitely greater because they are fashion capitals. Prices will start from $50 and can reach as high as $2,000; it all depends on your preferences. You will also have to spend around $25 a month for its maintenance needs.

Hair extensions allow women to be more experimental and stylish with their looks. It gives her a chance to achieve the hair she has always wanted in the simplest and fastest way. As advantageous as they are, these extensions are not meant to replace your real hair. They should only be worn to give your natural hair a break from intensive styling. Never wear them longer than what is prescribed; this is to ensure that your natural hair and scalp stay healthy.

Shyxter Tagapulot is a beauty and fashion writer at Hair Extension Costs

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