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Design Your Own Jeans With INDi Custom Jeans

Sick of ill fitting jeans? Well, then the uber-cool is INDi custom jeans company is for you!  If you have ever wanted to design your own jeans right down to the rivets and pocket stitching, not to mention custom size, this is the place to do it. I am seriously obsessed with the idea of INDi custom jeans, although I am still in the process of deciding what I want so as to place my own custom jeans order.

Design Your Own Jeans

INDi offers custom made jeans for both women and men. The jeans are made for your measurements and body type and you can customize the fit and look to your heart’s content. INDi allows you to first pick your fit from options such as slim, relaxed, skinny, or trouser. Next, you pick a style with your choice of fabric, wash, leg shape, pockets, and more. Then the fit is customized, not just by measurements, but also based on a body profile that can fine tune the fit beyond what a set of measurements can do-a particularly impressive feature if you ask me!

So, no more jeans the bulge or bag in the wrong spots, and all with the style, color, and details that you want.

Here is a quick video about the INDi customized jeans process


I see only one downside to INDi jeans, and that is the price. These are not cheap and run a bit high even for premium denim, but given that perfect jeans are so hard to find, and they are a classic wardrobe necessity that  last so long, the price doesn’t really bother me. I am planning to order a pair! I will report back when I get them!

Start your custom jean order now with INDi!



INDi Jeans

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