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Find a Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body

For many of us (me included), the thought of going swimsuit shopping is anxiety-evoking. Since the store racks are starting to fill up with brightly-colored, skimpy frock, I cannot help but having swimwear shopping on the brain. This year, avoid all of the anxiety and drama, by knowing what suits are best suited for your body before you hit the swimwear racks.

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Learning what shapes and suits will look best on your body is simple with this easy-to-follow fit guide. Finding the perfect swimsuit comes down to two tasks:

  • Discover the right swimsuit shape
  • Learn how to downplay your trouble spots

Swimsuits are easily divided into two main categories: one-piece suits and two-piece suits. Ranging from full-coverage to barely there, both types of suits have fashion-forward options perfect for your body type.

Choosing the Suit for Your Body

From a boyish, athletic figure to a girl with curves to spare, the right suit is out there. Pay attention to your body, including what areas you want the suit to highlight and which areas it should minimize.

Athletic Ladies

A girl with an athletic body can benefit from both one-piece and two-piece styles. Play up your sporty side by choosing a one piece, tank suit with a racer back and a sleek fit. Whether you are swimming laps or playing beach volleyball, this suit will show off your assets while provided support. Hipster bikini bottoms are also ideal for the athletic body. Hipster bottoms feature a band of fabric that sits low on the waist, stretching across the hips, perfect for showing off a toned tummy. Triangle bikini tops and string bikini bottoms allow you to create the illusion of curves.

Curvy Ladies

Ladies with apple and pear shapes often wish for some extra protection around the hips and thighs. String bikinis are ideal for this body type. Strings along the sides of the bottom allow you to adjust the fit. Bandeau tops, also known as strapless tops, help play up curves and draw attention away from the hips and thighs. One-piece suits with skirted bottoms and tankini suits are ideal for ladies looking for extra-coverage. Look for suits with chevron or diagonal stripe details, drawing attention to a small waist. Suits with halter-style stops are ideal for the busty woman, looking for some extra support. The halter neck allows you to adjust the top to create your perfect level of support.

Daring Ladies

There are plenty of suits on the market for the daring lady. Styles designed to bare more skin include the thong bikini, keyhole one-piece and monokini. Thong bikinis show of a toned rear, while monokini and keyhole pieces provide cut-outs that elevate the one-piece from traditional to super-sexy. Highlight your assets with side cuts or plunging necklines.

Use these tips as a general guideline. Remember, that style is as much about personality as it is about fit. You should feel sexy and confident in whatever suit you choose. Always remember to accessorize with a smile.

Damian is part time blogger and online enthusiast. He contributes on many blogs, including one dedicated to womens rash shirts, which is considered as one of the best Australian swimwear  websites.

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