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Formals for Plus Size: Choose Right to Flatter and not Falter

There was a time when making a choice of what to wear for formal events or even for casual occasions was not very easy for the generously endowed fuller woman. She was limited to the restricted colors and cuts and did not have the right to choose from a wide array of garments like her other non plus-sized counterparts! However, things are different now and so is the fashion scene.

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Designers now realize that a lot of cuts and dresses can look great on plus-sized woman, as there are certain colors, designs, cuts, and hemlines that accentuate the attractive curves and hide the flaws. Now a plus-sized woman can choose from various collections of apparel, however, the only thing to keep in mind would be the suitability of the garment.

A fuller woman has great curves and particularly a fuller bust, which can be the highlighted in an outfit. If the garment has a neckline that accentuates her bust, not going deep as it would look too overboard, would really bring out the positive qualities in her appearance.

It is important to wear a garment that is well fitted on the top and then if the stomach and hips are a problem area, it should be somewhat flowy to hide all the flab. Likewise, if you have a great complexion and a well-toned back, then you can also go in for the backless or netted back gowns that would highlight your back.

In order to camouflage the bulges, you should go in for vertical prints and designs rather than horizontal that makes you larger than what you are. Furthermore, if you happen to have well-toned and shapely legs then do go in for shorter dresses and skirts and team them up with stilettos or pumps that would give more definition to your legs. Even slim fit pants would look great on such women!

The top three choices for a plus-sized woman for formal wear would be a classic black dress that is well fitted on the torso and flows downwards hiding your problem areas. If you have great legs, then you could wear a shorter dress, else a long dress with a slit. Make sure the hemline is appropriate and not too low to make it look crude.

The second hot choice of a formal outfit would definitely be a gown. Make sure it is fitted perfectly near the bust and it flows down until your ankles or sweeps the floor. Do not go in for the strapless gowns, as they would make you look broader on the shoulders. The third formal wear that plus-sized women must have in their wardrobe would be a well-fitted evening jacket with skinny pants (if you have shapely legs) and an elegant camisole. Make sure the color scheme of the jacket and pants is the same – as it will help you look slimmer.

Whenever you go for shopping, make sure you have an honest friend who can give you the right advice in terms of clothing. It is important to wear the cuts that accentuate your curves and hide your flaws. Make sure you pay attention to the fabric of the apparel and do avoid layered or thick fabric as it can make you look bulky. Black is the safest color if you want to look very shapely; otherwise, any color is good as long as it fits you perfectly. After you have found such an outfit, do wear it with confidence, as it will add to the elegance and style of your attire.

Many online stores sell a wide range of plus-sized formal garments. However, it is important for you to first try on the piece and check whether it fits perfectly before buying it. An ill-fitted garment is a faux pas as the most important thing to keep into account is how well your garment fits you, as a well-fitted outfit will definitely make many heads turn!


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