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From Sweet Petite to Stylish Sexy

If you are a petite woman you know the troubles when shopping: almost every pant is too long and constantly wearing high heels is impractical at best and bad for your feet at worst. Most petite clothing is rather drab and men usually look at you as the sweet little thing rather than the sexy woman that you are. In your career the boss thinks you are not tough enough to stand up to your colleagues and at the car shop they don’t take you serious.

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With the right styling and the right line of petite clothes you can change all that. The most important rule when it comes to trying to look taller is that the proportions have to be right. Not every petite woman is built the same, so when choosing a dress or skirt the optimum look is for the torso and lower body to appear to be about the same size. So if you have a short torso, shorter jackets can make it look longer. Choose V-necklines vs. round ones or turtlenecks, as they tend to stretch the neckline. Skirts should never be too long, mini-skirts and above the knee look best on a petite frame. Shorter legs appear longer when wearing high-cut trousers. Tight, white pants and Jeans can make you look a few centimetres taller instantly.

When choosing petite clothes it is also important to stick to the right colours. Dresses, skirt- and pantsuits in a single colour make you look much taller. So called block-colours (e.g. wearing a green shirt with yellow pants) cut your body in half optically, making it appear smaller. An old classic, vertical stripe makes your silhouette appear slimmer and taller, while horizontal stripes will make you look heavier. If you are a very petite woman with a slight frame that might be just what you need to look a bit more formidable.

Always wear the same colour stockings as your skirt or dress to stretch your frame. Wearing the same colour stockings also gives the illusion of much longer legs. Choosing lighter colour tops if you are a petite woman draws the eye upward. The same effect can be achieved by some nice accessories, such as a necklace or earrings in an elegant, slim design. Take great care not to overdo the accessories or choose pieces that are way too bulky, that will make you look shorter and chunkier.

Shoes are the most important accessory for the smaller woman. If you can, try and always wear high heels, they do not have to be stilettos or the most stylish new fashion and horribly uncomfortable. A pair of mid-high, classic but comfortable pumps is enough to stretch your petite frame optically and does not hurt your feet.

All in all, small women should make sure that they do not “disappear” in their clothes. A huge, wide top in combination with wide-leg linen pants does not exactly look very attractive on a small figure. However, just because you are slight does not mean you have to wear a short skirt, high heels and your hair up at all times. There are many companies out there offering sensational clothing for smaller women and once you learned to stick to the basic principles of proportion and detail when choosing your wardrobe, the right petite clothing can do a lot for a woman.  

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