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Get Rid Of That Dry Leg Skin

Problems with dry skin? Well, you do not have to worry anymore. Do not let the dry skin in leg areas prevent you from wearing shorts when you go out. To have wonderful looking legs in no time and you will have to take some right care for your skin. Caring for dry skin doesn’t have to be difficult; however it is possible if you be a little cautious and does what is necessary.


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Before we get into the details of preventing dryness let us understand the cause for dryness. Knowing the cause will help you get rid of the problem much easily.

Dryness can be caused due to poor personal hygiene, consuming too much of alcohol, chain smoking, dermatitis, allergies and eczema and exposure to extreme sunlight and winds. All these factors aggravate dryness in legs.

However, there is never a problem without a solution. Just read the following ways to get rid of the dryness problem.

Be careful while washing your legs

Skin glows due to the natural oils secreted by the body. When harmful chemicals in the form of harsh soaps or body washes are used on the skin they deplete the skin of its natural oils making it dry. So, as long as possible try using the beauty soaps which helps protect the natural oils from the skin.

Using excess of body scrubs to get instant relief from the dry dead skin will only harm it more.

Avoid taking steam baths as it can harm the skin’s protective layer. Take a shower with lukewarm water so that at this temperature the natural oils and the moisture of your skin is not disturbed.

Get rid of the dead skin

New skin cells on the legs get blocked by old dead skin cells. In order to prevent the blockage the dead skin cell need to be exfoliated. Instead of doing this with clippers and other equipment you can use a good quality exfoliating product or gentle scrub that removes the dead skin in a gentle way without damaging the skin. Always be careful while using exfoliating product, choose the one that is meant for dry skin.

Shave your legs with extra care

Shaving regularly at one particular area can make that skin rough and dry. Make sure you change those blunt blades regularly and replace them with new ones. Apply a moisturizer after you shave.

Avoid unfavorable weather conditions

Weather affects skin condition too. Avoid these conditions by wearing a moisturizer and a sunscreen.

Follow a healthy life style

Beauty care does not just end with outward care. Follow a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and follow dietary modifications. Eat fresh veggies and fruits, drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.

Visit a dermatologist if the problem is uncontrollable

Sometimes dry skin can be too problematic and it may be due to some underlying health problems like dermatitis, psoriasis etc and these problems will not just go away with scrubbing or moisturizing and so you will need to visit a dermatologist and she will prescribe you some medication and specially formulated lotions to counter these problems.


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