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St Patrick’s Day Nail Polish Ideas

For those who are seeking cute and fun St. Patrick’s Day ideas for nail polish looks, here are a few designs and options to consider, in order to celebrate the day, and show your pride or appreciation for the holiday.

Shamrock Vines: A Shamrock vine nails design is one to consider. Only white and green nail polish is required in order for you to create a simple and unique design style for your nails. First, apply a couple of coats of white nail polish and allow both coats to dry completely. Once dried, use a striper brush to apply green nail polish in curves over the entire nail to represent vines. You can also make small shamrock designs using the green polish, by making three small dots on alternating nails.

Pot of Gold:  Using a variety of colors from red, green, yellow, orange, and the other colors of the rainbow, you can create a rainbow design over a basic light background. Black and gold can be used to create the pot of gold, while a striper brush can be used to make the lines with the other colors to design the rainbow. Whether you choose to use a sketched design, or create something with your own imagination, this is another unique option that can be used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and to show a unique and interesting design on your nails for the day.

Four Leaf Clover: A four leaf clover design is yet another option that can be chosen to decorate and to dress yourself up on St. Patrick’s Day. Using a small brush over a based color of your choice, paint a line with for thicker dots on each side, which will spread slightly to form the clover. Or, you can use a pure white base, and just use premade nail art stickers over a dried white base coat.  The design is simple and quick to make, and it will truly stand out when others see the St. Patrick’s Day nail polish design option you have chosen to commemorate the date.

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