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Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream Review

Clarins, which has long been a favorite of mine for skin care, has a new Extra Firming Day Cream. As part of an April promotion, you can get a generous seven-day sample pack of it to try at Clarins counters nationwide! I say generous on that because, unless you really slather on the cream thick, each of the seven packs has enough product in it for several days of use.


Clarins bills their extra firming cream as an anti-aging treatment that, based on a consumer test, firms, lifts and tones the skin in four weeks.  The product features various botanical extracts such as organic Green Banana, Lemon Thyme, Bocoa and Oat Sugars. I gave it a try for a couple of weeks and it is a nice cream. I’m not going to make any 4-week guarantees, since not only did I not try it that long, but I’m always a bit wary of such thing, but I do like this cream.

The cream is quite rich, so if you have dry skin you really should check this one out. At the same time, oily and combination types need not be afraid of it. My skin is on the combination and oily side and I had no issues at all using the cream. I just used a bit less of it than I might if my skin were dry. It absorbed well and did not leave me feeling oily. In fact I rather liked it even over my oiliest areas. I am a rather firm believer in moisturizing oily skin to prevent rebound oil production.

You can feel some firming action from the cream upon application. But this isn’t one of those products that aims for instant tightening of the skin, instead it is looking to add moisture and treatment extracts that will work over time. So give it a bit of time. After two weeks of use I did notice a bit of difference in the areas where I have some fine lines. Mostly though I like it because it feels nice and does give off some great moisture, something that some parts of my face needs.

Overall, buy it if you are looking for a quality rich daytime moisturizer with bonus anti-aging ingredients.

Not sure? Head out to the Clarins couner and grab a seven-day sample pack while supplies last!

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