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How to Create Perfect Smokey Eyes

In the beauty industry there are many passing fads and trends. However, the smokey eye is a style that has been around for quite some time and has gone from being a trend to become a beauty and makeup staple. It bears stating that the darker smokey eye is more of a night time look. If you want to maximize that cute little black dress or any other cocktail attire the smokey eye would accentuate your seductive look perfectly. On the hand, because this is becoming such a widely used makeup technique, you can experiment with different colors. Just make sure to keep it light and fresh during the day.

smokey eye how to

Many women look at the smokey black eye and assume that there is a level of complexity, that prevents them from doing it themselves. This is far from the truth. With just a little practice, you can master this makeup technique in order to get the perfect smokey eye.

In order to ensure that your look is flawless, the key to this makeup application is blending. This is so important because you never want your eyes to look too hard or imbalanced, unless you are going to a Halloween ball dressed as Cruella DeVille.

The tools that you will need in order to accomplish the classic smokey eye is; eye primer, two shadows: one light and one darker, eyeliner, makeup brushes and mascara. You can choose whatever colors or makeup brands you desire, it is completely up to you. The goal is to have infuse your own personality into this look so you can make it your own.

Step 1. Prep the eyelid by applying a primer.

Although some people argue that you do not need to use a primer, it is highly recommended that you do, so that you can preserve your look well into the night. A good primer will prevent your eyeshadow from melting into the creases of your eyelid during your night out. If you have oily skin, this is almost necessary because the primer will give you a matte finish and will keep the oil from messing up your look. You can find a variety of primers at different price-points but if you do not have the time to go to the store, you can apply a concealer of foundation to your eyelids and use a light stroke of powder to finish.

smokey eyeliner

Step 2. Carefully edge the lash line with a black pencil eyeliner.

Do this both for the upper and lower lid. Next you will want to line the outside of the upper lid with a pencil or liquid liner. Make the line a little thicker as you move toward the middle of the outer end of your lid. This will open your eyes more.

Step 3. On the bottom lashes, smudge eyeliner.

Use a Q-tip, a smudge brush or even your finder to create a fading away from the darkness of the eyeliner. If you are going for a more intense effect, try a dark shadow.

Step 4. Apply a light base color.

Use a light eye shadow from your lash lid towards your brow bone, in order to create the coveted highlighting effect. This will pronounce the effect of the smokey eye and give it more definition. Here is where you will get some blending practice, by blending the color into the corners of your eyelids

Step 5. Apply dark color.

Just below the crease line is where you are going to add the darker color. Again, so that you do not have that rigid look, you will want to blend, blend, and blend some more. Your light base shadow and the dark shadow should be mixed smoothly together and just enough so that the eyeliner will fade into your eye shadow.

Step 6. Mascara application.

To finish off the look, you should apply at least two coast of mascara in order to create that thick, dark finish. Add more mascara as needed. Using a lash curler will provide a dramatic finish.

The smokey eye is such a sultry, seductive look that it should not have to compete with a strong lip. A simple lip-gloss or a nice nude lip should be enough to compliment the perfect smokey eye.

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