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How To Pronounce Beauty Brand Names

This is awesome! How often have you come across a beauty or fashion brand and had no clue what the proper pronunciation of it was? I hate to admit that it ahs happened to me! The below article from Total Beauty takes a look at some often mispronounced brand names and sets you straight on the correct way to say that name.

This is a must read in my mind if you have ever questioned yourself on pronunciation!

Saying “N.Y.X” instead of “nix” (for NYX) can make for an awkward moment at the makeup counter. Mispronouncing a beauty brand is a simple mistake — but it doesn’t have to be one you make again. Here’s how to pronounce those hard-to-say brand names correctly.Get the guide

Learn How to Pronounce Tricky Beauty Brand Names — Finally

Stop butchering the names of your favorite beauty brands with this helpful pronunciation guide


Learn How to Pronounce Tricky Beauty Brand Names -- Finally

This is a TotalBeauty.com makeup tips article

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