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Tips For Organizing Your Makeup

The average woman has quite a bit of makeup so she will have the best colors to coordinate with each outfit. The bathroom or bedroom vanity can quickly become a mess of makeup brushes, tubes, containers and utensils. The best way to enjoy the collection, and quickly find the specific gloss or eye liner needed, is by organizing everything in a way that it is easily identified and retrieved.

Metro Train Case

These tips to organize makeup are easy and inexpensive:

1. Gather all makeup from the bedroom, bathroom and handbags. Check the pockets in unused handbags for any forgotten lipstick or pressed powder.

2. Separate the makeup into groups:

· Skin: cleanser, astringent, moisturizer, makeup remover pads, foundation, bronzer, oil absorbent tissues, etc.
· Eyes: concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, brow liner, mascara, tweezers, waxing kit, etc.
· Lips: chap stick, lipstick, gloss, pencils, etc.
· Nails: emery boards, manicure kit, nail polish, polish remover, acrylics kit, orange stick, etc.

3. Go through each group looking for dried nail polish, old eye shadow and anything else that is no longer safe to use. As a rule, toss mascara six months after first using it. Bacteria grow in the moist environment of the closed tube.

4. Assess the size of each group, the amount of counter space available, and then read the next section for storage and display ideas.
There are several ways to store or display a cosmetics collection:

· A cosmetics carousel is an acrylic or wire display piece with shelves and holes for the most commonly used makeup. Some have baskets or shelves that slide out, while others turn on the base like a lazy Susan. Several sizes are available.
· Acrylic storage containers are great for nail polish and makeup that is not used every day. Instead of buying one large box and tossing all of the mascaras, lip pencils, eye pencils and other small items in it, buy several small boxes to keep each group organized. Choose clear acrylic to easily identify the contents.
· Train cases are good for the woman who travels frequently on the job, including sales reps and business professionals. Train cases have several trays to keep everything organized. Larger ones have wheels for easily transporting through airport terminals and hotel lobbies.
· Makeup cases open with side wings and have several compartments to fit a variety of container sizes and shapes. These are helpful when mom has a toddler who gets into everything, or when counter space is at a premium.
· Cosmetic pouches are vinyl-lined zippered pouches. Several styles and fabrics are available. Choose the appropriate size for each makeup group.

You might prefer a combination of these storage solutions, such as a carousel on the bathroom counter for frequently used cosmetics and a makeup case on the shelf with everything else. There are several benefits to organizing makeup. Old cosmetics that might cause a skin rash or eye infection is tossed in the trash. The morning makeup routine will be faster since everything is organized and quickly accessible. Every beautiful eye shadow and lip gloss can be enjoyed.

Pictured: Sephora Metro Train Case.

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