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Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Spa Weekend

If you want a fantastic weekend try visiting a spa or wellness center! Spas and wellness centers are great places to relax and rejuvenate. Spas and wellness centers can be found everywhere; ask friends or family for recommendations of one to visit. A spa can probably be found in your town or city or a short drive away. You can also choose to fly to exotic locations further from home. Many spas and wellness centers offer special weekend packages with various activities or treatments available. Others allow you to make all the choices of treatments you want upon arrival at the spa or wellness center. Even if you have had a spa experience before, there are new treatments available to try.

Spa weekend are all about relaxation and relieving the stress of your mind and body. A great way to begin your weekend is to see the list of treatments and experiences offered by the spa. Try to choose a variety of different treatments to rejuvenate your body and mind. A great way to begin is with a massage from an experience trained professional. There are many types of massages available, including full-body or bodywork massages and specialty massages that only work one part of the body. The best massages will include physical, emotional, and spiritual components. While having a massage you may also listen to calming peaceful music or positive uplifting spiritual words.

The massage room will be warm and peaceful with gentle and inviting colors and décor. Aromatherapy is usually part of the massage experience, with lovely fragrances of flowers, herbs, or spices emanating from lit candles and body massage oil. There are many techniques or styles of massage available such as acupressure which uses the fingers pressure to release tension from muscles and increase blood circulation. Acupuncture releases chi by using clean thin long needles inserted into meridian points on the body. Some spas and wellness centers use low-voltage electric current through the needles to increase the release of muscle tension.

As part of a well-rounded relaxing weekend try to find new ways to achieve wellness after leaving the spa weekend; most people breathe incorrectly so take a short training session in breath therapy to learn proper breathing techniques. Often people don’t know how to walk or sit correctly to keep their body from becoming tense and painful; enroll in a dance therapy class, Pilates Methods class, or Alexander Technique course to learn new ways of body movement.

A spa or wellness center is also a great place to get beauty treatments. Have a deluxe hand treatment and manicure. Get a foot treatment by Gara Rufa fish which nibble the dead skin flakes off your feet after you place your feet in their pool of water. Get a mud facial or full-body mud treatment to make your skin soft and smooth. Make sure to have a sauna while at the spa, the high temperatures of either a steam or infrared sauna are relaxing and it also causes your body to release toxins and lose weight. Get a great facial with deep skin cleansing to purify the pores, followed by a treatment with exotic oils and lotions to replenish the facial skin. When you return home from your spa weekend you will feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated.

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