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United Styles Review

United Styles is a rather fun custom clothing website that allows you to customize a dress or top based on a variety of styles and available patterns and colors. I was given the opportunity to take the site for a test spin and make a dress for a United Styles review. Instead of getting into massive detail on how United styles works, here is a great little video that shows the features.

The United styles website allows you to choose among a variety of styles and then allows you to select colors and patterns for the item. There are a wide variety of base styles, followed by different sleeve and trim type. So you can take one style and make it sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve etc very easily. I made a dress and found the process to be quite easy, with my only complaint being that sometime it took awhile for the preview to load. Once my dress was made and shipped, I found that it fit true to size. But the site does allow for some modifications based on your own measurements too. The quality of the dress was good and I was happy with the fabric.


I was rather conservative with my  choice and , in hindsight, think I should have taken advantage of the wider range of colors and unique patterns of the United Styles site, but what can I say? I’m just plain a conservative dresser! Here I am with my United Styles dress and black boots with black tights.


I liked how I could make the collar and the skirt a different color from the body to add some interest. I also like mid length sleeves and liked having that as an option in the United Styles menus.

Want custom jeans (and we are talking super custom everything with them)? Check out INDi! That is another rockin’ custom clothes company.

Make a Dress or Top at United Styles

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