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Using Cosmetics During Pregnancy

While many women experience a “natural glow” during pregnancy, other women do not. For those women, pregnancy can be a very difficult time. Of course, it is difficult to look your best when you may not be feeling your best. Due to the hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy, some women may experience less than desirable changes in their skin and hair. Using cosmetics or makeup is a good way to hide skin discoloration, blemishes, and other skin issues that can happen during pregnancy.

Because of the changes in your body, you may find that your skin is very oily or extremely sensitive. This means that you may have to change the brand of makeup which you use. If your skin has darkened, you may even need to try different shades of makeup.

During my pregnancies, my normally dry skin became very oily. In addition, I started to get rashes when using the makeup that I had used for most of my life. I actually had to go out and purchase new makeup which I used during my pregnancy. I found that using hypo-allergenic products helped my skin immensely. I also used products created especially for women with oily skin.

After the birth of my baby, I discovered that my skin had again changed. This was probably due to hormonal changes that happen after a woman has given birth. I experienced severe acne and needed to use products that were designed to help with acne problems. This was somewhat startling as I was in my mid-30’s at the time!

One of the best things I did during this time was to get a makeup consultation with a beauty specialist in order to find the products that would work best for me. Although you may need to pay for such a consultation, you will actually save money and time. It can be quite costly to purchase makeup only to find out that the items which you have purchased will not work for you.

Trying free makeup samples is another good way to minimize the impact on your budget. Using free samples can allow you to see how your skin will react to a new product before you make a costly purchase. If you find that you really like the sample, you may want to purchase the product. If you find that the makeup sample causes skin irritation or that the makeup just doesn’t look good on you, you will know that you need to keep looking for another type of makeup.

Finding the right cosmetics to use during pregnancy can be a frustrating process, but the rewards are well worth the frustrations. Using the right makeup can help you to feel and look your best even during the most difficult pregnancy.


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