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Creating Natural Makeup Looks That Are Not Boring

Generally, most women will look best with a natural makeup look. Natural looks enhance your existing features without detracting from the real you. A natural look is also the most appropriate for daytime and work and for many social situations.  But understated and natural looks also don’t have to be boring, there are ways to appropriately liven then up. (photo below courtesy of  Emma J of The Journey of an NY Actress)

Emma J

30 Days of Beauty Day 28: Natural Makeup Looks

Getting a Basic Natural Makeup Look

For a basic natural look, apply a sheer foundation, and  to enhance your eyes without looking overly made up. Choose neutral or muted shades and apply with a light hand. Use one coat of brown, rather than black mascara, and wear a neutral subdued lipstick. One tip is to match your lip color to the inside of your lip for the most natural shade. Blush should be light.

Want to liven it up just a bit? Try the following tips:

How to Liven Up Natural Makeup Looks


Applying makeup

When applied correctly, the natural makeup look augments natural beauty and appears as though you’re not wearing any makeup, or very little makeup, but sometimes you want to add a little something that adds a little zing to your natural makeup. Liven up your makeup with a few cosmetic tips.

Enhance Your Eyebrows:

Well shaped and slightly shaded brows enhance natural looks in a way that adds emphasis without looking overly made up. If you have very thin or light eyebrows, use an eyebrow pencil in the same color as your eyebrow to bring them out. Lightly color in short strokes. Eyebrows frame the eyes and bring them out.

Try a Touch of Sparkle

Apply a small amount of shimmer eye shadow in a fairly neutral shade to the eye area just under the eyebrows.  Or try shimmer just in the center of the lid or the inside corner to make eyes pop.  Avoid over-doing it though. A light touch adds a little play and brings attention to your eyes.

Curl Your Lashes

Curling eyelashes makes your eyes appear more open and adds a little sophistication to your natural look. Or, for a bit more drama, use a deep black mascara.

Try a Bronzer or Illuminator

A bronzer or illuminating powder will add a little sparkle and color. A bronzer is not a self-tanner, though so you should avoid trying to appear as though you have a tan. Lightly brush a large makeup brush across your bronzer. Shake the brush out slightly. Lightly brush the makeup brush across your forehead, cheeks and chin.

Illuminators add a bit of sheen without a lot of color. Apply them the same as bronzer,  and with a light hand.

Emphasize the Lips

Natural looks can always be safely liven up with a bolder lip color. Make your lips the focal point by keeping the rest of your look muted and your lips a darker or brighter shade.  Be careful and don’t go overboard anywhere else. As Moxie from Moxie Reviews notes:  “Your face should be “balanced.” Don’t have a dramatic eye and dramatic lips. Choose one area that you want to focus on and then you won’t overpower your look. “

Special Tips for Photos

Often makeup for photos is done with a natural look in mind. However, makeup also need to be applied a bit heavier for photographs. Mara Moss of Makeup By Mara Moss gives this tip for photos:

Have you ever applied your makeup for a party, thought you looked your hottest; got your pictures back and felt you looked washed out?  A basic rule Makeup Artists use everyday is that 30% of the makeup you apply is automatically lost in the photograph.  Therefore if you are doing your own makeup for family pictures, a website, or your facebook profile,  you will want to put your makeup on heavier than you think you need. This is most applicable when going for a natural look, often times too little makeup is applied and in the pictures come out flat. Apply more than you would normally without overdoing it, what looks slightly heavy in real life will often look perfect on camera.

Stephanie Louise Telford of Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful also notes this “Wear blue based reds & pinks to make teeth appear whiter in photos. Dark clothing does this as well!”

Tomorrow: Day 29, Creating Bold Makeup Looks

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