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Get Beautiful Nails

Many people say that they can judge a person’s health by their hands, so if your nails are dull and constantly broken, what does that say about you? If you want beautiful nails and you are tired of going to a manicurist, make sure that you take a moment every day to care for your nails yourself. Regular nail care can make a huge difference to the appearance of your nails and to how others see you.

30 Days of Beauty, Day 14, Tips For Great Looking Nails

Red lips and nails

Try these tips to keep your nails looking great.

(1) Start by stashing your nail clipper. The problem with nail clippers is that they subtly splinter your nail by apply pressure before they cut. While this is a fast way to even out your nails, it causes more damage and splitting in the long run. Save a nail clipper for times when you have a snagged nail. Instead, use your emery board to shorten and to shape your nails. A good emery board can help you keep your nails looking lovely no matter what kind of damage you have to get out.

(2) Condition your nails. Just like your hair, your nails can get dried out and split. Take a small amount of natural oil and rub it into your clean nails. Do this right after a warn shower so that the oil will soak in. Not only will this keep your natural nails shiny, you will also find that it keeps your nails more flexible. This in turn prevents breakage. Some oils that you can use include vegetable oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Vitamin E is perfect for conditioning your nails, and if you take it orally, it can also strengthen your hair.

(3) Remember that any kind of color or gloss on your nails damage them. While you don’t have to forgo nail color entirely, simply take care to ensure that your nail coloring doesn’t hurt your nails too much. For example, when painting your nails, put down a clear coat first. This prevents the color from staining your nails. Similarly, after you use a nail polish remover, condition your nails with oil as described above. Nail polish remover dries out your nails a great deal and causes more damage later on.

(4) Another tip that can save your nails is that you need to be mindful of them. Plenty of people use their nails for tasks that are better suited to other tools. If you want your nails to look nice, you need to treat them well. For example, if you need to open a letter, use a knife or a letter opener. Do not use your nails to perform this task as it can damage them by putting pressure on the nail bed. Similarly, do not use your nails to pry things open or to split seals on condiment bottles. Just reach for a tool instead!

(5) Kelly from Vampy Varnish provides this tip:

“When painting your nails, thin and slow is the name of the game. Make sure your coats are thin because thick coats tend to bubble or peel quicker. Work slowly, allowing a few minutes in-between each coat for drying time. This will ensure your manicure will not bubble, dry quicker and last longer.”

(6) For cuticle clean up, both Kelly and Stephanie Louise Telford of Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful recommend using a small brush.  Pictured below is the brush Kelly uses. She says:

“Post nail polish painting clean-up can be a pain! One way to clean up a messy cuticle area is to buy an inexpensive, small paint brush (you can find them at a craft store for $1-3). Dip it in remover after your manicure has dried and slowly clean up the mess. This works much better than those nail polish remover pens!”

nail cuticle Brush

Stephanie suggests this:

“Love painting your nails but hate the mess afterwards? Use an angled eyeliner brush or paint brush dipped in pure acetone for cleanup. Rub gently to remove excess & wipe the brush against a clean towel to avoid buildup. Work slowly & with a small amount of the acetone to avoid flooding the cuticles. “

(7) Stephanie also gave this tip for treating your cuticles right:

“To heal dry or damaged cuticle reach for a moisturizing lip balm. The best way to treat them is by rubbing a cuticle balm into your nail bed & cuticles nightly. You can also use my personal favorite which is petroleum jelly mixed with a bit of cocoa butter. Rub it in well & in the morning it will rinse off in the shower.”

With just a little bit of time and care, you will find that caring for your nails is simple. Take some time to care for your nails every day, and chances are good that your nails will look better than ever.

Tomorrow: Day 15, Makeup Shopping and Organization.

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