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How To Get Your Glow on With Bronzer

A sun kissed glow is an excellent way to put your best face forward and look healthy and youthful. UV rays from the sun and tanning beds, however, cause damage to the skin and, with continued exposure, can lead to numerous problems. By using bronzer, however, you can have the appearance of having just returned from a tropical vacation without ever exposing your delicate skin to harmful UV rays.

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30 Days of Beauty Day 21, Using Bronzer

Bronzers come in different forms including loose mineral powders, liquids, pressed powders, creams, and even gels. Loose or pressed powders typically provide the most natural looking results while liquids and gels have a tendency to look more like makeup. For people with sensitive or oily skin, powders are also a better choice because they are less likely to cause irritation or clog pores. Creams and gels, however, often work better for people with dry skin because they tend to absorb into the skin better.

Several shades are also available. When searching for the best product, look for one that doesn’t have too much of an orange tint to it. A bit of shimmer is a nice touch, but avoid bronzers that are loaded with glitter. Too much shimmer tends to make pores, wrinkles, and other imperfections stand out. When choosing the perfect color, avoid the temptation to go too tan. A color that is too dark will not blend well, and it will look fake. Instead, try to choose a bronzer that is just a couple shades darker than your natural color. If you have tanned naturally in the past, you an also opt to purchase a bronzer that is similar in shade to your own natural skin tone after tanning.

Once you have chosen the perfect product, it is important to apply it correctly in order to obtain a natural, sun kissed glow. If you are using a powder, you will need a large, fluffy face brush. It can be applied by itself or over your regular foundation. To begin, simply dip or swirl the brush in the bronzer, and tap off any excess. Gently swirl the brush in a circular motion over your cheekbones, nose, and forehead – the places where sunlight would naturally touch your skin. Use the brush to blend away any sharp lines. The process is similar when using a cream or gel bronzer, but it can be applied using a makeup sponge or your fingers. In either case, blending is the most important step in ensuring a natural look. No matter what product you use, bronzer should be applied lightly for the most natural effect. It is best to start light and add more as needed to achieve the desired result.

Using bronzer on your neck, chest, and shoulders in addition to on your face is a great way to fully complete your look. Apply lightly for a beautiful glow that will have people thinking you just returned from a tropical vacation. Using bronzer is a safe and effective way of looking your best without the harmful effects of tanning.

Beauty Blogger Bronzer Tips

Cindy Ingalls of Prime Beauty gives this tip on using bronzer to look younger:

Use bronzer  to contour your face. A quick swipe with a big fluffy brush on the jaw line, a stripe down the center of your neck and a stripe under each cheekbone will take 10 years off. Make sure to blend well with a cosmetic sponge.

Jenna Watson from Beauty, Fashion, Fabulous! has these tips:

1) A little goes a long way. Bronzer is not foundation. Stop putting it all over your face. Bronzer needs to be applied strategically in order to contour and enhance certain areas of the face. Using a fat brush and buffing it all over your face will not enhance! Try this: Following the lines of your cheekbones, sweep a little starting near your hairline down to the apple of your cheek. Sweep a little less over your forehead, the top of the bridge of your nose, and top of your chin, making sure to blend well.

2) Contrast with a highlighter. The best way to get your bronzer to look even more fabulous is to contrast it with a highlighter. Sweep the highlighter above the area where you applied bronzer and you’ll have beautiful illuminating skin! I prefer using a bronzer and highlighter duo, meaning they both are in the same box and you get more for your buck!

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