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Keeping it Clean: Makeup Removal and Cleansing

Clean skin is an essential step to healthy and beautiful skin. Properly removing makeup can avoid blocked pores and acne, while using the right cleanser can improve your skins overall appearance and texture. But using the wrong cleanser can be disastrous.  Some cleansers can strip your face of natural oils, doing more harm than good, while others may include ingredients that can irritate the skin.

30 Days of Beauty,Day 3: Makeup Removal and Cleansing

face washing with water

“But you’re just going to wash the cleanser off with water,” you say. Well, that’s not exactly true. Some cleansers are washed off, and some are just blotted off with a tissue, leaving the residue on your face. And even if you do wash the product off completely, your skin has already made contact with it. Consider this: Your skin will either benefit from the product you use, or it won’t. Since cleansing is the first step in your beauty regimen, it’s up to you to find the right cleanser first. It’s as simple as that.

Read below for how to choose the right cleanser and tips from beauty bloggers on cleanser choice and use.

Choosing The Right Cleanser

If you’ve tried practically every product on the market that says it’ll clean your skin, but you have absolutely no idea why one is better than the other, stop your worries by reading the label. Buy based on your skin type, and you will be better prepared when shopping. Always read that little label. For example, if your skin is oily, make sure you avoid cleansers that have extra moisturizing benefits. And if your skin is dry, you certainly don’t want a product that is full of drying ingredients such as alcohol or acne treatment actives. If your skin is considered “combination,” you have some wiggle room — but again, be certain the label is clearly marked for your skin type.

Another consideration when choosing a cleanser is to determine your skin’s sensitivity. If practically anything makes your skin break out, stay away from products that contain perfume or dye, or ones that have harsh chemicals. Again, the label may save the day, as there are cleansers on the market that specifically are geared for sensitive skin.

Cleansing Tips

–And one of the most important aspects of washing your skin is this: Always wash your hands first before washing your face! It might sound basic, but this step is sometimes forgotten. Cleanse your hands first to avoid contaminating your facial cleanser. You don’t want grime from your hands mixed in while washing your face. If you always remember this basic step, you’ll be on your way to the best-cleansed face ever.

–Try to only wash your face once in the morning and once before bed; don’t put your skin through unnecessary stress. Also, if you use a water-based cleanser, only use lukewarm water; otherwise, you might cause the appearance of broken capillaries.

–Sometimes just a splash water is enough. If you have sensitive skin or very dry skin, a lukewarm water wash without soap or cleanser might be all that you need when your skin is already free of makeup.

–Cindy Bokma from Hello Dollface  notes:  “I always start the day with washing my face, using one of my Aveeno cleansers. A gentle cleanser removes any serum or lotion applied the night before, plus splashing water on my face wakes me up a little and cold water decreases my puffy eyes.”

–Victoria Girard from Reveal Great Skin also starts  by cleansing with a gentle natural cleanser, such as Renu Derma Gel Cleanser, a cleanser she recommends because it it cleans and refreshes her skin without stripping it.

Beauty and Fashion Tech Favorite: Cetaphil Cleansers, because  they are affordable, gentle, and come in varieties for  multiple skin types.

Looking for a Great Makeup Remover?

Ashia R. Sims  from Clueless Fashionista says: “Baby oil is a great makeup remover. Take a paper towel (one that won’t shred easily) and moisten the towel slightly. Put a small amount of baby oil on the moist part of the towel and use it to wipe away your makeup. Adjust the moisture and amount of baby oil as necessary but start small. If you use too much baby oil, it can get messy. But if done in small amounts, it is miraculous for getting off all of your makeup. Once you’ve removed your makeup, wash your face with soap or use astringent to remove any left over oil.”

Many of the bloggers also mentioned oil as a great makeup remover, plus as you will see as this series goes on, natural oils have many other fabulous uses.  For example, Stephanie Louise Telford from All Things Beautiful gave this tip: “Forget your makeup remover at home or somewhere without it? Reach for olive oil to gently remove all eye makeup naturally!”

Beauty and Fashion Tech favorite Makeup Removers:

Lancome Bi Facial (To see why, read  the saga of a corgi covered in lipstick here: Why Lancome Bi Facil is the Best Makeup Remover Ever )

We also love Nars Makeup Removing Water. This liquid cleaner removes even stubborn waterproof cosmetics quickly and lave no residue so a new makeup application can be applied right away. A Makeup Artist’s favorite!

Tomorrow, Day 4: Rub a Scrub Scrub, Exfoliation

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