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Staying Fit During That Time of The Month

Exercise and your menstrual period can be a touchy subject. Heck, between cramps and concerns about inconvenient things like stains and mess, it can also keep you from wanting to exercise altogether!  But it doesn’t have to and really shouldn’t.


Did you know that exercise can actually lessen menstrual cramps? It also can improve your mood. Any aerobic activity will help and stretching and yoga are particularly beneficial. Go figure though that it is hardly the time when you might relish wearing tight fitness clothing! But with a few steps you can avoid any potential for embarrassment.

First, wear loose fitting, darker colored pants. It goes without says that this is not the time to try out those new tight white bike shorts! Loose and comfortable pants, such as those made for yoga, will feel more comfortable if you are bloated, and will provide a measure of security. It also will hide menstrual  pad bumps and bulges. Likewise, a loose comfy fitness shirt will feel better if you have a bit of bloat than will a tight sports bra type of top.

Next, be sure you are wearing a leak proof pad to catch any, ahem, leaks. The Always Securely Fits Max is an excellent choice for this. By using a secure product, you can have peace of mind.

Finally, make a point of relaxing and enjoying yourself. That time of the month can be stressful and enjoying a workout while letting yourself unwind can do wonders for you mood and well-being!

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Always Maxi pads are designed to securely fit your curves. With a body hug fit, Always Maxi helps provide clean dry protection that’s also designed to fit. The LeakGuard(TM) core helps pull fluid deep into the middle of the pad, while the Deep All-Around Barriers help keep fluid away from the edges. Plus, the Flexi-Wings have been designed with stretchy pleats to flex with you as you move, allowing them to securely wrap around so that they help pads stay in place and help protect you against leaks.  Available in Regular, Super Long, and Overnight absorbencies.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Always via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Always.

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