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Tips For Perfect Eye Shadow

Your eyes are the windows to the soul. So the way you accentuate them is  important.

30 Days of Beauty, Day 25, Eye Shadow Tips

eye shadow tips

Choosing a Shade

When choosing an eye shadow, it is most important to consider eye color and skin tone. In most cases, it is important to opt for natural shades for daily wear. Shadow colors which are too bright can have their place, but keep in mind that they also can easily look unnatural and over-the-top, which can create a very unattractive and out-dated look. Except for specific party or club looks, ultra bold, glittery, glossy shadows generally are too much.  With that said, in a few days we will be highlighting some fun bold looks, since they can look amazing for the right circumstances,  such as in the photo above!

Today’s modern women are often opting for soft, muted shades. Be sure your shadow colors blend well together. Color should always compliment each other rather than over-power. Light tans, browns, and pinks work best for blue and green eyes while muted greens and charcoals work great for brown or hazel eyes.

Testing Eye Shadows

When choosing colors for the first time, remember to experiment with colors and always begin with the least amount of shadow and work from there. Always apply eye shadow with a light touch. Using a quality brush works best to have better control for the amount of shadow applied. Many times eye shadow colors look deeper or darker in its pallets therefore, don’t be afraid to try a variety of shades before deciding to purchase them.

Always experiment with colors in natural daylight rather than in artificial light to get the maximum “true” color. Lighter shades are recommended for daytime while darker or more intense shades tend to be more flattering for evening. For an all-important natural look for both day and evening, always blend the shadows lightly with your brush or fingertips beginning from the eye lid to the brow bone using light, feathery strokes.

It pays to start light and then build from there as Mara Moss of Makeup By Mara Moss states:

A great tip from the Pro’s is to start small and build, it is much easier to make a thin line thicker and a light color darker than trying to take away color once it is applied.

Eye Shadow Types

Eye shadows in powder form work best in the spring and summer months while shadows in cream form works best in autumn and winter months to give the added benefit of keeping eye lids moisturized. When choosing a cream shadow, be sure that the shadow is crease proof to avoid the color from caking in the crease of the eye lid. When shopping for eye shadows it may also help to know that in many cases, less expensive brands work just as well as the higher-priced brands so do shop around before making a purchase.

Eye Shadow Tips

To open the eye, a light or pale shade applied directly under the brow bone is a must. For a dramatic evening look, choose a deep shade to apply in the crease of the eye and a lighter share on the eye lid and lightly blend the shadows together. A beauty tip from going to a day at the office to a dinner party at night is to simply add a small dot of gold or silver shadow directly in the center of the eye lid. This will give a glamorous effect to the eye for an evening out and there is no need to add more shadow to the entire eye area.

Another great tip for brightening eyes comes from Cindy Ingalls of Prime Beauty who says:

A little pink or white highlighter on the inside corner will make you look rested and bright eyed even if you’re not. Lots of brands make eye brightener pencils, Benefit’s Eye Bright and Smashbox Eye Beam are good choices.

Looking for long lasting eye color?  Emily Hudspeth of Emily Hudspeth-Bringing the Beauty to You has this video on how to get a great long wearing eye shadow look:


To avoid getting loose shadow under your eyes, Amanda Raye from Broke and Chic has this great tip:

We all hate the eyeshadow that falls under our eyes after perfectly applying our foundation, concealer and powder. Prevent that by A. Doing your eye makeup first. Then go ahead and make your skin flawless. If it’s to late and you already applied your foundation. Place some loose powder underneath your eyes.The loose powder will “catch” any eye shadow that falls while doing your eye makeup. Once finished, simply sweep away the excess powder!

Whatever eye color or skin tone you have, choosing an eye shadow should always be a fun experience and should be as unique as you are. So have fun and enjoy yourself.

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