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Makeup Looks for Summer Festivals and Parties

Summertime has come again and that means fun in the sun. It’s time for parties and summer festivals–whether at the beach, a pool party, or a backyard barbeque. Planning your look for these events is easy with the right tools, proper makeup, and advice.

summer festival makeup

Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup is essential for summer events that take place outdoors. Without it, mascara and eyeliner can create a big mess on your face if they start to run. The spike in outdoor temperatures can cause you to sweat, taking its toll on your regular makeup.

It can be difficult to decide which makeup to choose for these summer events, especially if there is water or major outdoor heat involved. Outdoor cooking, games, sports, and water activities can put dampers on your regular makeup routine and ruin your look.

If you’re someplace where water might be included in the day’s activities, such as a pool party, day at the lake, or even an amusement park or zoo with water rides and fountains, waterproof makeup is essential. Mascara and eyeliner are available in waterproof formulas in your local makeup department, in a variety of colors.

Bronzing Powder

Bronzing powder is the product to use if you want to achieve that fresh, in-the-sun look without the exposure of damaging UV rays. Use it at the end of your makeup routine by dusting over your face powder or foundation. Apply with a face brush on the entire face, concentrating on the cheek bones, forehead and chin. The look created by bronzing powder is a slightly shimmery, warm look– leaving you with a healthy glow.

Summer Colors

Replace your routine eye shadows, eyeliners, and lip colors with new, updated bright summer colors for hip parties. Pastels are popular in bright pinks, purples, blues and greens.

When the heat kicks in, sometimes it can be good to think natural. Tone down your eye shadow to a neutral color and don’t even use eyeliner. Dust the face with a bronzing powder, curl eyelashes and apply a couple of coats of black mascara. Choose a lip gloss in a lighter hue for shine and color, or for evening events, go bright and accent your lips. It all depends on your mood and the atmosphere of the event you’re going to.

Makeup Pencils

For fun and funky summer events, such as festivals and fairs, brightly-colored makeup pencils can be used to jazz up your regular look. Add some spunk to your funk with these pencils, which are usually sold as eye or lip liners in colors such as blue, green, purple, white, and pink.

Use these to line your eyes and lips if you wish, but check out some of the YouTube videos on face painting and go wild! Draw spirals and swirls in different colors from the outer edge of your eye up toward your eyebrows to look like a fairy. Create butterfly wings around your eyes and color them in with your new, brightly-colored makeup pencils. This is a homemade version of face painting that you might find makes people stop and ask you about.

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