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Taking Good Care Of Your Hair Extensions

Wearing a hair extension will definitely give a new oomph to your crowning glory. Your hair will be fuller, longer, or highlighted with a nice new color. It can also conceal a terrible haircut or hair color and gives your natural hair a discreet way to grow back to its original look.

hair extension care

A hair extension is a fashion and beauty investment that needs appropriate care in order for it to last long. You cannot expect your extensions to be flawless if you don’t maintain and take care of it properly. You need to invest time, effort, and money to keep it in tip-top shape. But before anything else, it is advisable not to wash your hair during the first 3 days after the extension is attached.

The most basic things that you need for the maintenance of your hair extension are:

· Good shampoo and conditioner

· Leave-on conditioner for day and night applications

· Hair brush with soft bristles

· Heat/sun protection

· Elastic hair tie or scrunchy that you can use when sleeping

Washing and Conditioning

· Before taking a shower, brush your dry hair first to ensure that there are no tangles.

· Wash your hair every other day only. You can use a dry shampoo during the days that you cannot wash them.

· Stand up while washing your hair and start shampooing around the nape, then go to the other parts slowly. It is important to wash the nape portion thoroughly because most of the dirt builds up there.

· Be sure to rinse all the parts completely.

· Apply the hair conditioner. Leave it on for while; do some scrubbing or shaving while letting the conditioner seep well. Rinse thoroughly. If you want, you can use cool water to rinse your hair as this will close your hair cuticles.

· Pat your hair dry with a clean towel and apply leave-on conditioner.

· Apply intense treatment every week to have softer and shiner hair.

Swimming and Sunbathing

It’s not advisable to go swimming if you have hair extensions on but if you really want to, it’s best to have your extensions checked by your stylist. You need to ensure that it’s still attached well. You also have to bear in mind that bond extensions, whether hot or cold, don’t cope well with extremely hot weather.

Follow these safety measures if you decide to go swimming with your extensions on:

· Don’t use a swimming cap as this will cause tangling. Instead, braid your hair.

· As much as possible, keep your head up and never go diving.

· Shower after swimming. Wash your body except the head area and keep your hair braided.

· Unknot the braid after you shower, comb your hair gently, and wait for it to dry.

· When your hair is all dry and untangled, you can already wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

· If you wish to go sunbathing, you also need to braid your hair. You can unbraid your hair only after your hair cools down. Comb it thoroughly before washing it.

Swimming with your hair extensions on does require a more meticulous method of washing but these steps need to be followed to restore your hair to its original state.

Sleeping with your Hair Extensions

To avoid tangling, put your hair in a bun using a scrunchy or braid it. You don’t want your hair to be disheveled like crazy when you wake up. Don’t ever sleep when your hair is still wet as this will surely put your hair into knots. Air-dry it and brush it with a hair extension brush. If you notice some tangles, brush the tips of your hair first before slowly brushing down all the other parts.

You have to bear in mind that heat in the form of sun exposure, blow drying, or hair ironing will easily damage your hair extensions. If you do need to use or be exposed to such things, you have to do it in moderation. As much as possible, never bleach, perm, or apply any other chemical treatment to your hair while the extensions are there. One last thing that you need to do is to visit a professional hair extensions stylist every 4 weeks. This checkup will guarantee that your extensions are well and good.

Shyxter Tagapulot is a beauty and fashion writer at: Hair Extension Costs

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