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Ten Things That Will Ruin Your Complexion

Most people want clear skin and a flawless complexion. Unfortunately, they do things that sabotage their skin without realizing. Facial skin is delicate and needs taking care of to help it be in the best possible condition. Sometimes skin can even seem temperamental in how it reacts. thus, it is important to pay attention to your skin and avoid bad habits.

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Bad habits to avoid for a great complexion:

• Not having a regular skin care routine — Clean skin is essential to keeping skin healthy. The face should be washed every morning and at night before going to sleep. It also needs cleansing after exercising or anytime a sweat is worked up. Regular use of toner, moisturizer, and weekly exfoliating are also important to a skin care regimen.

• Using dirty makeup brushes and applicators — Makeup brushes, sponges, and applicators used to put on makeup should be washed often to prevent spreading oil and bacteria. Wash them with a gentle cleaner and hot water.

• Using dirty hands to apply makeup and skincare products — One should always use freshly washed hands before applying foundation or other skin care products. The fingers are great for spreading bacteria and excess oil that people may not even realize are there.

• Oily hair — Oils from the scalp and hair can work their way toward the forehead, contributing to pimples and blackheads. People who have oily hair must keep it clean. Styling products can also clog pores and be bad for skin.

• Alcohol — Drinking alcoholic beverages dehydrates skin and dilates pores. It can also cause dilated and broken capillaries, making skin look red.

• Going to bed with makeup on — Makeup should always be washed off before going to sleep. Oil and perspiration accumulate during the day and combine with the old makeup to clog pores, which leads to breakouts.

• Talking on the phone — A phone can get greasy and collect bacteria, which is bad news for the side of the face that comes in contact with the phone. This is especially bad with shared phones that multiple people use. Cell phones and portable phones can pick up bacteria from any place it is put down. Phones should be wiped with a disinfectant wipe often.

• Not using appropriate products for skin type — Oily skin needs products that are oil free and noncomedogenic. Sensitive skin requires gentle products with less artificial fragrance and irritating ingredients.

• Stress — Stress can trigger chemicals and hormones in the body that can cause skin inflammation, increase skin sensitivity, aggravate acne, exacerbate psoriasis and dermatitis, and cause other skin problems. For those going through a lot of stress or who have trouble dealing with stress, it may not be as simple as saying, “Avoid stress.” Stress management is important — relaxing exercise, learning coping skills, or breathing techniques may be helpful.

• Not getting enough sleep — Sleep is important in affecting how people handle stress and helps regenerate skin cells. Not getting enough sleep can lead to dull skin, puffy eyes, and dark circles.

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