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The 8 Strangest Beauty Products

There are some pretty crazy beauty products out there. Think you have seen or heard of them all? Check this list and see if you are familiar with these odd ball beauty items!


1. Mothers Moon Breastmilk Soaps

These little inedible soaps look like luxury chocolates. Produced from the owner’s breast milk, the soaps are prepared during a full moon and then packaged after two moons of resting. Hopefully the soap isn’t the only thing that gets a rest.

2. Bacon Perfume

Pork lovers may be in hog heaven after catching a whiff of Bacon Perfume. Made with floral and pork essential oils, it actually smells like bacon. Fortunately it’s worn on the skin and doesn’t show up on the derriere like real bacon.

3. Bull Sperm Conditioner

Sometimes referred to as, hair Viagra, this concoctions made from real bull sperm, makes hair shiny and full-bodied. So the next time you see a bull with a tiny plastic cup reading a girlie magazine, you’ll know what’s up. Only available in salons.

4. Baba de Caracol

If you’re one of the many people who enjoys munching on snails, this treatment may not seem so strange. Although you can’t eat it, this snail mucus cream provides powerful antioxidants to protect skin from the elements and purportedly reduces scarring.

5. Placenta 400000

Made from real pig placenta, this product is marketed to restore youth and vitality. This, and other brands made from various animal placenta, is a popular beauty product in Japan but may not go over well in areas where the benefits of recycled placenta are still underrated.

6. Collagen Marshmallows

Packed with 3000mg of collagen peptides, these colorful edible treats may not improve the quality of skin but they might stave off hunger for awhile. According to beauty experts, ingesting processed collagen is far less efficient than applying it directly to the skin.

7. Uguisu Nightingale Droppings Rice Chaff Facial

Bird poop that’s applied to the face for a porcelain-like finish. Popular in Asia, it may be less appealing to those who go out of their way to avoid bird droppings. Although the stuff is sterilized before packaging, it’s still difficult to associate fecal matter with beauty.

8. Preparation H Hemorrhoid Creme

Any list of strange beauty products would not be complete without mentioning Preparation H. Although not marketed as a beauty product, the unconventional application of this product to reduce under-eye puffiness, is rumored to be used by models, actresses and perhaps even your own mother. A spokesperson for the maker of Preparation H, Whitehall-Robins Inc., reports that there are no clinical studies confirming claims that the cream reduces puffiness under the eye and that the ingredient credited for reducing puffiness, live yeast cells, is no longer included in the production of Preparation H.

Would you use any of these product? Have you?

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