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Too Faced Eye Shadow Review

Today brings a Guest/Reader Review of Too Faced eye shadow:

I have used countless eye shadows over the years in my quest to find the one that not only has great color, but glides on smoothly, is long-lasting and looks great. Although there are many high-quality eye shadows on the market, Too Faced eye shadow is my all-time favorite product and is an everyday staple in my makeup collection.

Too Faced Eye Shadow Duos Review

Too Faced eye shadows come in a variety of gorgeous hues and are available in single colors, duo shades and more. My absolute favorite is the “Totally Toasted” eye shadow duo that contains a light beige color and a darker brown. This particular duo is perfect for using everyday and the colors go great with just about everything I wear and they also match my skin tone nicely. There are also other cool colors that I routinely wear depending on the time of year and what complements my outfit on that particular day. The duos are handy because the colors balance each other well and look beautiful on my lids. I typically use the lighter shade on my lower lid and the darker shade on my brow bone and swoop it up to my eyebrow. For added drama, I use a darker matte color from my collection and highlight my brow bone again.

I love that Too Faced eye shadow has a glimmer look to it. It is the perfect combination between a matte and sparkly eye shadow and is so versatile. I not only wear Too Faced eye shadow for a night out, I feel completely comfortable wearing it in the office as well. What I especially like about Too Faced eye shadow is that it is very long-lasting and does not crease. My biggest problem about shadows is that they tend to crease and smudge away on my eyelids even after just a couple hours of wearing them. Too Faced eye shadow is by far the best smudge-proof and crease-free product that I have ever used. For extra protection and long-lasting capacity, I’ll sometimes pair it with an eye shadow primer.

My only gripe about Too Faced eye shadow is the casing and its durability. Although the case looks chic, if I drop it the shadow it will immediately crumble and the case is not able to close properly. I may be clumsy, but I have had other shadows drop on the floor and they stay perfectly intact in the case. Additionally, although I do think Too Faced eye shadow is reasonably priced for the quality, it can be an expensive product. However, the shadows last me quite a long time and are well worth the splurge.

I would recommend Too Faced eye shadow to anyone who is looking for amazing shadow that has excellent wear and looks fabulous. I have never been disappointed with any of the shades and I believe it is truly the perfect eye shadow for any occasion.

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