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5 School-Friendly Makeup Do’s

As you get ready to head back to school, you may be wondering what the appropriate amount of makeup is to wear to class. While it is important that girls do not wear too much makeup to school, applying a little can give just the right boost of confidence and make you feel better about yourself as you head out the door.

Back to School Makeup

Here are five school-friendly makeup tips that you can use to give yourself a natural and appropriate glow while at class.

1. Use the right color of mascara – While it is fun to have long and dark eyelashes, you do not want them to look fake and unnatural. This will send the wrong signal to teachers and classmates and make you stand out in the wrong way. Instead, buy the right color of mascara to add length without making you look overdone. For blonds, use dark brown mascara. For people with darker hair, brown-black or black mascara is best.

2. Apply a neutral lip gloss instead of lipstick – Ruby red lips are best left on the runway and out of the classroom. While bright red lipstick may be fun to wear to a party, it will make you look silly at school. Instead, add some gloss to your lips with a light pink or neutral shade. This will still give the look of beauty without the look of trying too hard.

3. Put on powder foundation – Heavy matted looks of liquid and powder foundations are out. Instead, use a light powder foundation to even your skin tone without looking like you are wearing any makeup at all. Your natural beauty will shine through but you will still have the boost of powder foundation to make your skin look radiant.

4. Use neutral shades of eye shadow – Dark eye shadows can drown out the natural beauty of your eyes and make you look more like you are going to a party than the classroom. For school, it is best to apply light colors, such as cream, pink, or light brown. If you do want to wear some color to school, you can add a brighter color in minimal amounts. Only apply the brighter color to the bottom part of your eyelid and in the crease of your eye finish your look with a more neutral tone. This way you will not look overdone but will still have some fun color to add to your makeup routine.

5. Apply a bronzer instead of blush – Blush can make your cheekbones stand out and give you the sun kissed look that every girl longs for. However, too much blush can just make you look like a clown. To avoid that look and still highlight your cheekbones, try applying a natural bronzer to your cheeks and keep the color to a minimum. This way your natural beauty will shine through and you will not look like you are on your way to a circus instead of the classroom.

Makeup has been used by women for years to make them look more appealing. However, the way makeup is used and how much is used is determined by where you are headed. For the classroom keep the makeup to a minimum and focus on bringing out your natural beauty instead of hiding behind a mask of too much color.


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