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How to Pick the Right Colours for You

If you want to feel good in the clothing that you wear, then you may want to consider being attentive to the colours that accentuate your best features. Some women are unable to achieve the wardrobe they deeply desire because it is filled with colours that do not mesh with their skin tone, hair colour or eye colour. You can pick the right colours for you by paying attention to which colours seem to “pop” when you wear them, along with considering your natural features. A woman should consider her most striking features and then choose colours that bring out the beauty in these features.

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Find Colours that Make You Feel Confident

First and foremost, no colour is “off-limits” for your wardrobe. Even if you have a warm skin-tone, you still may love wearing royal blue for the way it makes you feel. If a certain colour makes you feel confident and like you can take on the world, then by all means include it in your wardrobe. Nothing is sexier than a woman who has confidence in the clothes that she wears.

Skin Tone

The next factor you should consider in creating a new wardrobe with the right colours is your skin tone. Women who have a bronze or golden shade of skin should go for warm tones. Warm tones are colours like mocha, apricot, dark red, golden yellow, and orange. Amethyst is another colour that looks stunning on women with a warm skin tone. These colours look stunning and accentuate the natural warm tones of one’s appearance.

For the woman who has pale or rosy skin, she should try to find cool tones to include in her wardrobe. Cool tones include colours like blue, ice green, mint green, white, bright yellow and ruby in the wardrobe. These colours will add a bit of drama to one’s look.

Hair Colour

Women with dark hair tend to look beautiful in royal blue and other dark colours. A royal blue dress brings out the natural darkness of one’s hair and accentuates any highlights that the woman may have. Other colours that look pretty on women with dark hair are dark purple, dark red and dark pink.

Women with white or blonde hair look lovely in lighter colours. Colours like peach, mint green, light blue and pale pink are a wonderful addition to the wardrobe. The key for women is to try to complement the natural beauty that they already have in the selection of colours for their wardrobe. Women should try to add colours that capitalize on the most attractive feature that they have.


Women with green and hazel eyes should try to wear aqua colours. Aqua colours will give a woman with green eyes an ethereal look. Women who have blue eyes should stick with shades of blue that emphasize the unique gift that they have. Women with brown eyes should go for light tan and orange hues.

By following these tips, women can create a wardrobe that emphasizes their best features with all the right colours.


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