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What Not to Wear This Summer and Photos of What to Wear Instead

Summer is ahead and if you’re like many of the fashion hungry women out there, you’ve already begun planning your summer wardrobe. As a result, the question begs to be asked. What should you NOT wear this season and what should you wear instead? Take this handy list shopping with you to help you make important decisions that will keep you cool all summer long.

Tight Tops and Pants

This summer, it’s all about balance. Ditch the tight tops and pants combo. Skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans are both in, but just make sure the other half of your outfit goes along with them. You don’t want to pair tight pants with a tight top just as you don’t want to wear a loose top with loose pants. Pair those cropped boyfriend jeans with a sexy, close fitting tank. Wear those flattering tight skinny jeans with a boxy crop top. These combinations will actually make you look thinner!

Here is a cute loose fitted tank at Nordstrom:

Loose fitted tank

Plain Black Dresses

Summer is the season where all things grow and flourish in the outdoors. Make sure you reflect this through your wardrobe choices. Black is boring, so skip this color when you’re doing your summer shopping. Instead, choose floral prints, of which there is abundance in stores this season. While shopping, you’ll also see tons of bright colored clothing. This season’s color trends are not for the faint of heart, but are surprisingly flattering on all body type and colorings, depending on the shade you choose.

Check out this cute floral print dress for summer at Nordstrom:

Mcginn Sweetheart Dress

Flip Flops

Summer’s casual shoe of choice takes a back seat to platforms this summer. Flip flops don’t look chic unless you’re at the pool. Alternatively, the higher the platform, the sexier the shoe is! Many of these are shown in bright colors this season. Some styles have an even platform so the actual foot is level, which adds to the comfort of the shoe. Pick up a few pairs with varying heights.

For example, try these comfy wedges from Crocs for a summer fashionable look that also has comfort:

Crocs summer sandals


Solid Tee

Ditch those boring solid colored tees and tops. Instead, choose knits and blouse that have fun prints or the season favorite, stripes! You’ll be surprised how versatile a few funky tee shirts and tops can be in your wardrobe. Wear them casually with jeans or dress them up with a sexy short skirt, heels, and a funky necklace.

Try this Lucky Brand blouse over a plain T-shirt.

Lucky Brand Blouse

By following these simple guidelines, you’re on your way from turning into a fashion “do” rather than a fashion “don’t.” Whatever outfit combinations you choose, don’t take them too seriously. Fashion is all about fun and expressing your personality in the look you share with the world.

Shop for summer fashion at Nordstrom.

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