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Fashion Fixes For Those Heavy Top and Bottom Issues

Are you worried about your appearance and beauty? Plenty of us have a body part we would like to hide. Some of the common problems include too-round bottom, pudgy tummy, and heavy-top and heavy thighs. However, irrespective of your problem, you can appear elegant and stylish with a few visual tricks and fashion tech. This article provides fashion tips for women with the common heavy-bottom and heavy-top problems.

Fashion Tips For a  Heavy Hips

If you have rounded thighs and hips that are wider than your shoulders, your body has a classic pear shape. If you emphasize on the positives, dressing should be very simple and straightforward. This is because your body has a flimsy upper body, shapely waist and attractive arms and shoulders.

If you have a bottom heavy body, you should avoid anything too tight. You should also avoid wearing miniskirts as they would highlight the heavy thighs. Instead, you should consider A-line skirts that reach around the knee area to attract concentration away from the problem. If you wear pants, their waistline should be someplace below the normal waistline for a perfect fitting. The most flattering wear is a pant with a slight or straight boot cut leg. You should avoid pants that are light colored or patterned. You should also avoid pants with fussy details around the waistline such as excessive zippers and big cargo pockets. When choosing shorts for casual and workouts wear, it is ideal to choose loose-fitting and lightweight shorts. You may consider shorts with slimming side strides to give a sleek illusion.

Fashion Tips For Curvey Tops

You should avoid tops that are too tight or too baggy. The loose tops would make your body appear large while the tight tops would make your appearance look out of your proportion to your hips. Instead, you should look for fitting T-shirts or tops with button front. Tops with turtlenecks, open collars and V-neck are perfect wear as they draw attention to your face. For blazers and jackets, you should ensure they do not hit the widest point of your hips. They could be anywhere from mid-thigh to right below the waist depending on your height.

You should look for dresses that slightly flare out over your thighs and hips and squeeze in at the waistline. A full skirt would also be perfect as it would hide thighs and hips. You may also consider wearing strapless and sleeveless dresses to show off your elegant arms and shoulders. You may also consider accompanying your elegant look with fashion tech accessories such as necklaces and jewels. An elegant watch and bracelets would also help draw attention to your arms.

If your body has heavier breasts with slimmer legs and narrow hips, your appearance is apple-shaped body. You should do the fashion trick by emphasizing your lovely cleavage and elegant legs.

Balance your heavy top appearance with an A-line skirt. For pants, choose the ones with flat front and with a low rise waist than the normal waist. However, you should avoid pleated pants. To highlight your positive parts, you should consider pants with many pockets especially the front pockets to hide your tummy. You should also consider shorter skirts to highlight your legs.

Avoid one-piece dresses. The best dresses for your appearance include seemed, strapless and sleeveless dresses accompanied with corseted tops. You should avoid covering yourself fully. Having bare arms or shoulders would add to your appeal. You may also add elegancy to your beauty by accompanying your bare arms with stylish fashion tech accessories. An elegant watch, unique bracelet and spanking jewelries would draw attention to your lovely arms.

If you learn the simple rules and fashion tips and tricks regarding your appearance and dressing code, you can appear elegant and stylish with almost any type of wear.


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