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Makeup Wars: Favorite Makeup Brush

This week, Makeup Wars looks at favorite makeup brushes. I chose my new favorite and very inexpensive brush for this one. I have some MAC brushes that I love, and I know that some of the ladies in the Makeup Wars group have impressive brush collections that include some very high end and wonderful brushes, but the fact remains that my favorite at the moment is a $5.21 brush!

Here it is, the BH Cosmetics Round Stippling Brush (bottom), pictured with a more standard duo fiber stippling brush (top-also from BH cosmetics). I use it for applying liquid foundation, but it would work well with powder mineral makeup as well.

BH Cosmetics Stippling Brushes

I purchased this brush after seeing some good reviews of it and reading good reviews on the BH Cosmetics site. Unlike most stippling brushes, the round stippling brush has a truly flat top and the bristles are more compact.  The effect is that it more evenly holds the foundation and distributes it a bit better than a standard stippling brush. It also is exceptional at buffing. I love it with the new Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation (read my Naked Skin Review), which looks particularly nice when buffed well. I must give a big shout out here to Phyrra for recommending Naked Skin to me!   The brush has held up well for me so far. There has been no bristle loss at all-something that can sometimes be a problem with cheaper makeup brushes.  I am really impressed with it, given its ultra cheap price!

BH Round Stippling Brush

Because the bristles are denser in this brush, and because of the flat top, I don’t think I would use it for applying blush or bronzer. I do often use a duo fiber stippling brush, such as the top one pictured here, for blush application. I happened to grab another super affordable BH brush for the photo, but I actually prefer my MAC stippling brushes for blush and bronzer application, although the BH Cosmetics brush is a perfectly good and is a super cheap alternative.

So there it is! My favorite brush, and it is only $5.21! It is a unique brush with a great price tag!

Buy the BH Cosmetics Round Stippling Brush

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