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Home Beauty Tips that Won’t Break Your Bank

Who says you can’t make yourself beautiful with the help of things you can find inside your home?

You see, at this age when the prices of almost everything are skyrocketing like crazy, it’s not a smart move to spend thousands of dollars on purchases and services that are meant to keep yourself looking fresh and stunning. This is especially so if you don’t have much money to burn on such expenses. And even if you do have cash to spare, why still spend a fortune when you can have the beauty you’ve always wanted by just raiding your refrigerator or kitchen?


So, take a quick read at these simple, yet highly effective beauty tips at home that are guaranteed not to burn a hole in your pockets:

• Puffy eyes? Get Olive!
Now, I don’t mean Popeye’s beloved Olive—but olive oil. It’s been tried and tested that in cases when your eyes get all too puffy due to crying or irritation, dabbing olive oil around the affected areas will help soothe your puffy eyes and reduce the swelling. You can easily get a bottle of olive oil in the supermarket for just a few dollars, instead of spending bigger amount on a salon trip.

• Prepare a home-made mask for dry face.
Does your face feel like sandpaper because of the cold weather? Then prepare a face mask composed of orange and yogurt. Just squeeze fresh orange and mix the juice with a cupful of vanilla yogurt. Stir the concoction until it becomes milky. Then, lather it to your face on a massaging motion. Let the mask stay for ten minutes before finally rinsing it well. You’ll be pleasantly amazed at the smooth and fragrant skin that you’ll get after.

• When life throws you dry hip bones? Go get some lemons.
Among the nasty woes women and men have to deal with are dry hip bones due to constant rubbing with jeans and other rather coarse fabric. The trick is to slice a lemon and then gently rub it over the dry part of the skin. The acid will act as an exfoliating agent that will peel the dry skin to reveal a smoother layer. This same process is applicable to other dry areas of your skin.

• Dry hair? Apply apple cider vinegar or coconut oil.
One of the nastiest beauty woes is dry, fuzzy hair. To improve your mane’s health, you can try putting on apple cider vinegar once a week after shower. This will give your hair volume and shine. Meanwhile, apply coconut oil at least two times a week to improve blood circulation on your scalp. This will help keep your hair shiny as it can ‘breathe’ better.

Just follow these simple tips and you’re on your way to beauty minus the financial headache.

Beverly Houston aside from her dream of becoming a Fashion Designer, also wanted to be a fashion magazine editor. She loves reading and blogging topics about fashion updates, latest beauty news and celebrity gossips.

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