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Introduction to the PaloVia Laser

Over the next 4 weeks, I will testing the PaloVia Laser, the first home skin renewing laser for treating under eye wrinkles and crows feet. The PaloVia Laser uses fractional laser technology to treat wrinkles under and around the eye. It is FDA cleared for that area, and a clinical study had promising results within just 4 weeks. At age 45, I am just starting to get concerned with fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes, so I am hoping the PaloVia can help me get started early on treating those before they get worse!


In the past I have used simple eye creams in the eye area. Retinol can be great in that area, but unfortunately I am a bit sensitive to it-something that surprised me since I don’t generally have sensitive skin. As a result, I really could use something for  treating the area beyond simple moisturizers. Looking through the literature that came with the PaloVia device, I am hopeful.

First, the pamphlet that came with the device includes the results of a clinical study with quite a bit of detail. That is rather refreshing, as many products are not quite so transparent. From the information, it appears that results are generally quite good, with 77% of participants strongly agreeing that wrinkles were visibly reduced after 4 weeks and 82% after 4 months. The primary risks usually involve redness and dryness, although roughness, swelling, flaking, and a tanned appearance were also reported. Second, several beauty blogger friends of mine have tried the device with good results. So that too makes me hopeful!

The PaloVia is $499, so it isn’t cheap, but it is much cheaper than having professional treatment done at a physician’s office. So, with that consideration, it seems like a decent value.

So, to get started, here are before pictures. I will post after pictures at the end of the four weeks. I will also post a video or two over the next few weeks on how to use the device and information about my experience with it and my results.

This is my left eye. I have fine lines and the start of two wrinkles at the outside corner.

Palovia Left Eye Before

This is my right eye. This one bothers me more as I have a definite crow’s foot type wrinkle that goes off to the side of it and the under eye lines are more noticeable .   The mark that is above my eye is a scar, so I’m afraid I am stuck with that one!

Palovia Right Eye Before

In my case, the wrinkles are just getting started, so hopefully that makes them easier to treat. I am starting this right now, so check back next week to see how week one went!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and Palomar has provided me with a complimentary PaloVia laser for testing and review.  All opinions in the review are my own.

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