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MAC Refined Golden Bronzing Powder Review

The following is a reader/guest review of a favorite product from Jules. I too happen to love MAC Bronzers. Thanks Jules!

Now that summer is just around the corner, you are likely finding the perfect way to get a sun-kissed glow, and finding the right bronzer can be a challenge. I can’t stand bronzers that have a harsh look on women’s cheekbones. The bronzed look should have an effortless quality to it, and it should be one that women feel good wearing with the latest summer trends. For me, I have found that the MAC Refined Golden Bronzing Powder is a great product to use for its long-lasting wear, subtle bronzing effect and ease of use.

MAC Refined Golden Bronzer Review

I love the MAC bronzing products because they tend to last when wearing them in the summer. Whenever I wear my bronzing powder, it stays put throughout the day. I even went in the ocean with some friends a few weeks ago and found that the bronzing powder stayed put! Even though it stays put throughout the day, I also find that it comes off easily with a makeup removal solution. In the past, I have used some bronzers that are difficult to remove with makeup remover. This is not the case with the MAC Refined Golden Bronzing Powder.

One of the other great qualities of this bronzer is its shimmering effect. It does not look harsh on the skin, but rather it adds a nice, subtle glow to the cheekbones. I always feel like a model when I wear this bronzer on the beach. This bronzer really gives you the perfect “sun-kissed glow” look.

Applying the bronzing powder is very easy. I use one of my MAC makeup brushes to dab a little on each cheekbone. I rarely have to use a lot of the powder to get the look I am trying to achieve. A little of this bronzing powder goes a long way. I love that the bronzing powder can be used for months before running out. I have actually had my bronzing powder for over a year now. I love that I am not constantly going to the store to buy a new bronzing powder. For some reason, this bronzing powder seems to last forever.

For the perfect summer look, I think women should give this bronzing powder a try. I like to combine the bronzing powder with a touch of blush. This makes your skin look truly radiant during the summer months. MAC also offers some nice blushes in its line of makeup. The key is to first apply the bronzer to your skin. Next, only dab a little bit of the MAC blush on each cheek. This will give you a lovely summer look.

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