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A Simple DIY Shoe Dye That Is To-Die-For

So, you found The One, he’s dropped down on bended knee, you’ve bought THE dress, and now all you need are the shoes.  Of course, just like every bride-to-be, you have a picture in your mind of the perfect shoe, coloured the perfect shade, but where is it?

pink suade pumps


You know when you go to the mall with a particular item in mind and you just can’t find it? Yes, this is that moment, but it’s worse because it’s about to be your big day and you will settle for nothing less than perfection. Obviously.

As a raging perfectionist and bride-to-be myself, I can absolutely sympathize with you. After many sleepless nights and a few completely justifiable meltdowns to my incredible fiancé, I realized it was time to take matters into my own hands.

How do we solve this little debacle? A simple DIY, of course!

How To Dye Your Shoes

The best part about this DIY dye is that not only is it simple to do, but it’s cheaper than spending big money just to buy the shade of shoe you want. Just follow along…

Step One – Find Them

First of all, you must find the shoe you want to wear. Don’t focus so much on the colour, as much as the style. You will need to use a shoe that is lighter toned, preferably white or cream, to be sure that the dye actually works its magic.
If, however, you already own the shoes you want to wear, this next step is a pre-dye must.

Step Two – Clean Them

The cleaner the material, the better the dye will work. Use a gentle, lint free cloth and a mild soap for the best results.

Throughout this step you are basically cleaning your shoe to ensure pre-existing dirt or fluff doesn’t end up showing up after you’ve dyed those stilts.

Step Three – Dry Them

Once those shoes are squeaky clean, give them the opportunity to thoroughly dry out. If you can wait 12 months for your big day, you can wait a few hours for your shoes to dry.

And if you get a little antsy and are ready to jump the gun early, resist the urge. Pull out your I Do To-Do list and tackle a few tasks then revisit your shoes!

Step Four – Make Space For Them

 Your heels are clean, so it’s time to prep your dye zone. There’s no point in making a big mess so lay out some newspapers or plastic bags so you don’t dye your floor.
Being accident prone myself, this is one of the most important steps!

Step Five – Dye Them

 Once you’re all ready to go, mix your dye. Depending on the brand of dye you purchased you may have to mix solutions together, but if you follow the label and you should do just fine.

Now that the dye is ready to go, use a soft, clean sponge to apply the colour to your shoe.

Evenly apply the colour all over and allow it time to dry. Since you are aiming for a particular shade, play around with it a little.

Want it dark? Apply a few more layers. Want it subtle, take it easy on your first few applications,  but always make sure you let each coat dry in between applications so you can really see what shade you have.

A word to the wise, most dyes emit terrible fumes, so if you don’t have a face mask handy then be sure to put your shoes outside to dry.

And just like that you’ve cleaned, dried and dyed your dream wedding shoes!

Now to make sure you don’t nick them, scuff them, or smudge them wait solid 24 hours before even trying them on, that way you can ensure they are perfectly dry.
That being said, this DIY is obviously not to be done the day before the wedding. So always be sure to plan ahead bridal babes! The last thing you need is shoe dye running off onto that expensive dress! I sweat just thinking about it!

Et voila! A simple and affordable solution for all you brides-to-be looking for that perfect shoe to complete your already gorgeous wedding look.


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