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Birchbox Review and Video

During October (and probably into November) I am going to focus quite a bit on subscription boxes here on Beauty and Fashion Tech.   I recently got together around 8-10 different boxes to do individual reviews and video reviews, and well as one big comparison review, where I will rank them from best to worst.  So keep an eye out for that! Today, I look at Birchbox.

Birchbox August 2012

Birchbox is one of the older subscription boxes. At $10/month, it is also one of the more affordable subscription boxes. I have tried two Birchboxes. One was sent to me for review eons ago and I was not impressed, so I didn’t review it. The one I am reviewing here, I purchased. I like it OK, especially based on the price, but I still am not overly impressed.  I also didn’t love that there was wait list to get a box. When I ordered mine, I waited about 6 weeks to be approved. Cancellation, however, was easy. I was able to do so with the click of a mouse through the website.

Birchbox Contents

In my Birch Box, which was the August 2012 box, were the following items:

Birchbox Review

Beauty School: A booklet with beauty tips. This was a rather basic publication and I really didn’t have much interest in it. I basically view it as a cute, but rather useless addition.

Schick Razor: I have tons of razors. I get them in the mail as a consumer and companies send them to me as a blogger. So this really isn’t a needed item, nor is it anything special since these things are not hard to come by.

Whish Shaving Cream (sample size): I liked this item. It is a nice shaving lotion with a good fragrance and I was not familiar with the brand. So I was perfectly happy with this item.

Viva La Juicy Fragrance (sample tube): I am not a fragrance person, and fragrance samples are a dine a dozen. So I wasn’t thrilled with getting this in the box.

TwistBand Hair Tie: A cute little hair tie, but it didn’t impress me much initially. In the video I wasn’t even sure what it was at first! But then I looked at the brand’s website. If you want hair bands in every color under the sun, that is the place. So this turned out to be kind of cool in hindsight.

The Balm Stainiac (sample size): I love lip stains, so I was fine with this item. However, I have received samples of stainiac in the past, so it wasn’t new to me.

Overall impression:

I give the Birchbox a middle of the road grade. At $10 it is a pretty good value, the website is easy to use, and cancellation was easy. But I also didn’t feel like it was all that original in terms of the content of the box.

Below is my video review:

Where to get it: Birchbox.com

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