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Classy Halloween Makeup That’s Easy To Do

Once your Halloween costume is chosen, makeup is the next step. Most individuals prefer comfort in costuming and makeup. There’s a simple way to apply Halloween makeup without having to purchase additional cosmetics to achieve a classy look.

Halloween Witch Makeup

A Good Basic Makeup Look

For instance, if the costume chosen is a traditional style like a French courtesan or Gypsy, makeup needed is relatively simple. For the French courtesan, use regular liquid or cream base makeup for foundation. Since skin tone is deliberately pale, apply a light dusting of ordinary body powder to lighten.

In the era of courtesans, makeup was mainly made from whatever natural ingredients could be found. Chalk was crushed to a fine powder and applied dry or when water was added, it was applied as a foundation. Charcoal was the most popular accent for brows and eye shadow. Eyelashes were usually powdered and then, a light oil applied to make them appear longer.

Lips were accented by crushing red berries to create lip stain. This is also how rouge was created. Wigs were mostly made from human hair and dyed using henna or whichever bleaching agents were available. This gives a general idea of how to create your own basic make-up for Halloween. Use a dark shadow on the lids. Accent brows lightly with brow liner and use line above and below lashes. Add a bright colored lipstick. Include a touch of mascara to the pale face foundation. Use liberal amounts of blush instead of rouge to add highlights to cheekbones. This Halloween makeup scheme is generally good for use with most traditional or classic style costumes.

Changing Makeup Shades For Halloween Costumes

If Halloween costumes need a more dramatic make-up effect, such as for a Gypsy look, or for the Witch pictured, use darker blush instead of regular beige powder or liquid makeup to create a ruddy appearance. Contour your cheeks with a darker foundation. Apply charcoal shadow on the eyelids and outline the eyes heavily with liner. Use mascara liberally to make lashes look darker and longer. To make lashes look longer, dust lightly with powder before applying mascara. The powder will also help to keep your mascara fresher longer.

Your Face As Your Halloween Palette

Think of your face as an artist’s palette. This helps create the most tasteful makeup for Halloween costumes you design from fabric and accessories from your personal wardrobe. Since most of makeup choices are purchased to coordinate with wardrobe, creating Halloween make-up will look more natural and not over-emphasized. There are several points to remember when applying Halloween make-up:

  • Enhance eyes so they appear large enough to be seen clearly
  • Accent lips naturally, yet with a hint of drama
  • Match eye shadow color and foundation to coordinate with costume theme
  • Apply make-up so that it feels comfortable and looks appropriately natural
  • To make flaws like freckles and spots disappear, blend green eye shadow over the flaw. Give the entire face a final light dusting with powder for Halloween make-up that looks professionally applied.

Have fun this Halloween!

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