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Get The Look: Five Steps To Fabulous Fall Makeup

Embracing a casually-glamorous appearance for fall is an ideal way to let a woman’s natural beauty and inner stylish sophistication shine. Following the five steps listed below will give you the foundation for creating your own unique and sophisticated style for the fall season. Also listed are products for the luxury look that is pictured.

Fall Makeup Collage

1. Begin with beautiful, clear and clean skin.

Putting on expensive makeup and creating a beautiful style with makeup will be a loss if the skin is not prepared first. Beginning a skincare regimen is necessary if you have problems with oily or dry skin. A consistent morning and evening skincare routine will help you to obtain beautiful and clean skin that will provide a wonderful backdrop for fall makeup styles.

2. Select the proper foundation and powder that will set a basis for striking fall makeup.

Translucent loose powders applied lightly with a brush on top of a slightly-shimmering, translucent foundation base will provide the perfect backdrop for beautiful autumn makeup colors. Autumn is a great time to wear bold greens, vivid sea-blues and rustic colors. However, in order for these colors to stand out and complement your face, it is important to be gentle with the color and application of foundation and powder.

3. Let love captivate your lips by using vivid and rustic lip colors.

Apply a deep wine or a rustic light brown to the outer perimeter of the lips in the form of a lip liner pencil. Lip liner pencils help to highlight your lips and accentuate the natural curves of the mouth. Rustic brick reds and deep, orange-reds are perfect lip colors to use during the fall season. Save the pinks and purple shades for spring and summer when more playful colors and whimsical outfits are worn.

4. Bring out the eyes with glimmering colors and subtle sparkle.

The eyes and the smile are two parts of the face that people notice right away. Now that you have beautiful lips taken care of, feel free to add some pizzazz to make your eyes pop. Dramatic eye color can be used during the fall season to draw attention and intrigue. Make sure the eyebrows are carefully plucked or waxed so unwanted brow hair strays will not detract from the beauty of your eyes. Sensuous colors such as deep sea-greens and blues, golden shimmering tones and bold grey shades will bring out the colors of all shades of eyes in an attractive and dramatic fashion.

5. Enhance a glamorous eye and lip color with subtle rouge colors.

Since you are going with a light shade of foundation and powder and more vivid shades for the eyes and lips, it is important to maintain the balance of color by using a subtle shade for your cheekbones. Select a rouge color that is a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone that also has a slightly rose-colored tint to it. Apply this gently with a brush to the cheekbones in order to accentuate your cheeks.

Get The Look With These Products

  • Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact in Warm Red
  • Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in Bright Red
  • Givenchy Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara
  • Lancome Blush Subtil – Oil-Free Powder Blush in Cedar Rose
  • Dior 5 Colour EyeShadow in Royal Khaki

On a budget? Look for similar shades, focusing on well pigmented eye shadows. L’Oreal and Milani are especially good when it comes to good pigment on a budget.

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