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Halloween Nail Polish Looks

Halloween just begs for transformation. Besides an unforgettable costume, don’t forget great makeup and nail polish to really complete your look. Creating a Halloween manicure is simple. All you need are some easy-to-use tools and accessories.

Costume Nails for Halloween

Halloween Nail Polish: How To’s

Crackle: Applying the new crackle polishes is a breeze. The polish does most of the work for you in creating a scary look with little effort. Apply a base coat in the color of your choice. It’s best to choose solid shades such as red, black, gold or silver. Once this coat is dry, add crackle polish. The unique formulation gives your nails a cracked look that fits right into Halloween. After this coat is dry, apply a clear top coat to keep your manicure looking scarily fabulous for a week or more.

Fun and Dotty: Maybe you prefer a fun nail style that conjures up Halloween with its specific colors. You’ll need black nail polish and a bright orange nail polish pen. Apply one or two coats of black polish and let dry. Add dots of orange polish with the pen; simply design a random pattern of polka dots. Let this completely dry and follow up with a clear top coat.

Metallic: For women who want something simple but still eye-catching, take advantage of metallic nail polish. Black metallic is perfect, but you can also top matte black polish with a clear metallic that catches the light. Although short nails are always in vogue, this look works well for very short or longer nails.

Nail Art: If you’re adventurous, you can create pictures on your nails with a selection of nail art pens and decals. You can either design the same look on all ten fingernails or you can be random and make every nail different. Some nail art ideas include pumpkins, black cats, witch hats, spider webs and ghosts. Just draw with a nail pen over a dry coat of black, orange, silver or even red polish. If you need help, recruit a friend. Once your manicure is finished, you can return the favor and design a look for her. Of course, if you don’t feel like your hands will be steady enough to draw pictures on your own, use stick-on decals.

Whether you prefer festive and fun or scary and bold, there’s a nail look for you. Since this is the one night of the year everyone can dress up and fit in, consider going all out with your nail design.

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