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Your Home Hair Spa

Take a look around your kitchen cabinet to see a host of things that will be great for your hair. Though expensive products and spa treatments have their place and can make you feel pampered and luxurious, they can burn a hole in your pocket. For more pocket friendly hair solutions, raid the kitchen everyday for lovely, lustrous hair; naturally!

Hot Oil Massage

Nothing works like a hot oil massage to treat your hair before you wash it. If possible, do this the night before shampooing or give it at least an hour or so before you shampoo: olive oil is great, but so is coconut oil, almond oil etc. Heat the oil till it is quite warm.

Then, dipping your fingers in the oil, massage your scalp working the oil in gently. Massage the entire scalp and then gently comb out your hair so that the oil spreads down each hair shaft as well. If you don’t mind doing some laundry later, wrap up your hair in a warm towel, or just tuck it up and out of the way.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Many women swear by mayonnaise as a terrific hair conditioner. And think of it; it contains all the things that are good for the hair: vegetable oil and eggs! Another great conditioner for hair is mashed up avocado. It is the creamy, almost buttery kind of texture that the fruit has, which coats the hair shaft and smoothes frizz offering natural moisture and shine to the hair.

Combining these two ingredients is to be recommended: using full fat mayo and half a ripe avocado and mix both ingredients together to form a paste which can then be applied to the hair. Leaving it on for about 20 minutes should give it enough time to work before you rinse it out. Some women even recommend using this the same way as store bought conditioners, which can be used after shampooing the hair and which can be rinsed out same as any regular conditioner though this may not be for everyone.

An after shampoo conditioner that also recommends itself is black tea (boil tea leaves, strain and use the tea water) mixed with the juice of one lemon. Not only is this a natural conditioner, it can also be used to treat minor scalp problem such as dandruff and itchy scalp.

For oily hair it is recommended that your last rinse can be done with vinegar which helps to act as a natural astringent upon the scalp. Some recommend apple cider vinegar for its beneficial effects on hair.

Other Natural Hair Tonics

Aloe vera is known to be great for the hair and the skin and is easy to grow in a pot or anywhere. Snip off a few inches of the succulent plant and slice it to extract the gel. Simply apply this straight on to the hair and keep in on for a while before shampooing.

Honey is another natural ingredient that is great for the hair. It can be used by itself or along with line.


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