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Six Top Fall and Winter Nail Polish Shades

As the seasons change, so should nail polish. The bright, bold colors of spring and summer may not work as well when the leaves start to turn. Consider switching to a new polish for fall and winter. There is an array of colors that are stylish and reflect the color palette of the season. Fall and winter colors are full of bronze, red, purple, gold and brown hues. Here is a list of six fall nail colors that are sure to make anyone’s nails sparkle.

Fall Nail Polish Collage


1. Gray

Gray may seem like a drab color, but this year’s selection of grays are far from boring. Gray is a good compromise for people who are tired of the black nail trend. Grays can range from stormy, darker colors to lighter variations. With matte, glossy and glittery options, there will be a lot of people wearing gray this fall. Pictured: Nars Polish in Storm Bird.

2. Gold

Who does not love gold? The color is beautiful when paired with autumn and fits right in through the winter holidays. These colors can make anyone feel like a millionaire. Some gold nail lacquer is made with actual gold flecks, giving nails the truly golden appearance. For those who want a less flashy style, gold nail polish can be found in more subtle tones. Pictured: Butter London in West End Wonderland.

3. Navy and Deep Blue

Navy is a beautiful shade that does not clash with colors commonly seen this time of year. Navy is the perfect shade for people that are seeking a vibrant color that does not have a lot of shock value. It is a color that is suitable for work and play due to its sophistication and elegance. This shade will work well all the way through the winter months. Pictured: Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer in Blue Colbalt.

4. Chocolate

Many people enjoy chocolate daily. Why not extend the love of chocolate to nails? Chocolate is another color that compliments the season. The deep browns add a touch of warmth. Anyone that thinks that chocolate may be uninteresting, consider a glossy chocolate polish or one that has a bit of sparkle. Pictured: Julep Nail Vernis in Olivia.

5. Berry

Berries are a lot of fun. The different undertones produce a spectrum of shades. Berry colors are universal. There is something that works with every wardrobe. A berry polish with black or purple undertones will have an edgier look. A berry with red undertones may be more subtle. Pictured: Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in Graphic Berry.

6. Green

Green is probably not considered a traditional nail color, but it is a popular color trend that has survived several seasons. It may be time to pack away the neon green, but more earthy-green hues for the fall and winter are a good replacement. Green is a hip style choice. This season there is a twist. Shades associated with military fatigues are being mixed with metallics to create a glamorous look. Pictured: Sephora by O.P.I Leaf Him At The Altar.

The color of nails has become just as important as a person’s outfit. Wearing the appropriate nail color for the season has become a priority for many. It may be a sad notion to put away everything that reflected the warmer months, but fall and winter colors are just as fun. Wearing anything of these nail colors will reflect a stylish change that reflects the season.

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