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Arcona AM Acne Lotion Review

this is a reader/guest review of Arcona AM Acne Lotion. Thanks Kymm for the review!!!

Arcona AM Acne Lotion

Arcona’s AM Acne Lotion has to be my favorite tool in my beauty tool box. The first thing I love about it is the fact that it has all natural ingredients (like witch hazel, tea tree leaf oil, and eucalyptus leaf extract.) Since AM Acne Lotion is a serum rather than an a cream or actual “lotion” type product, it rubs in my face easily and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy like a lot of other face creams are. It doesn’t sit on top of my skin either, which I think helps it work better. I like the fact that I only need one pump (of Arcona’s AM Acne Lotion and Magic White Ice) every morning and I’m ready to go.

I do have to admit that it took me a while to LOVE this product. It took a several months to really work and keep acne at bay, but once it did I haven’t had a breakout since and it’s been about six months since I started using it. Some of my old acne scars also seem to be fading, which is a total added bonus to using this product.

I have only a few complaints about it. The pump can be very hard to work. You really need to use both hands to stabilize the bottle and pump otherwise the pump can be unpredictable in the amount of product that comes squirting out. Sometimes, if you don’t rub the product in enough, makeup can be funny to apply over top of it, especially foundation. I noticed that if I wasn’t paying attention to the application of Arcona’s AM Acne Lotion, my foundation would look heavier on the areas that I didn’t rub in well.

On a side note: I have started using Arcona’s Magic White Ice as well. I live in Wisconsin and the ever changing weather does some bad things with moisture and dryness, especially in the colder months when the heater is on, so I do feel that in dry areas an extra “moisturizer” might be necessary.

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