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Clinique Almost Lipstick Review

This is a guest review of Clinique Almost Lipstick, a nice sheer lipstick that works for many different occasions.

Clinique’s Almost Lipstick is hard to describe. It does not offer the full coverage that lipstick provides, but it is not a liquid gloss. The color is rich even though the formulation is translucent. The pigments look different on everyone because they do not cover up the wearer’s natural lip color. Almost Lipstick blends in with the wearer’s unique coloring to create a new and flattering combination tone. All of the Almost Lipstick shades are appealing, but the best one is called Black Honey.

Clinique Almost Lipstick Black Honey

Black Honey looks like a very dark burgundy in the tube, but it looks more like a sheer berry on the lips. The overall effect is an augmentation of one’s natural beauty. It is dramatic without being too harsh or dark. Best of all, it can be worn with any kind of outfit at every sort of event. I have worn Almost Lipstick in Black Honey to weddings with formal dresses. I have also thrown it on right before work to pull my look together. It amplifies the rest of the makeup that I am wearing, and it never clashes or overwhelms my face. I like to wear a lot of smokey, dark eye makeup, so it is nice to wear something on my lips that adds to my look while still letting people focus most of their attention on my eyes.

I used to only wear makeup on my eyes and leave my lips plain because no other lipstick could give me any color that still let the other parts of my face stand out. Leaving my lips plain would make people pay attention to my eyes, but it kept my look from looking completely pulled together. It always looked a little unfinished. Sometimes I would wear some lip balm or gloss to get some clear shine, but both of those would stop being visible within 30 minutes.

Clinique’s Almost Lipstick solves all of these problems. The pigment stays put, and the shimmer does not fade. The Black Honey shade is dark enough to act like a light stain. It does not come off if I eat or drink. As long as I reapply it occasionally over the course of an outing, it stays on for an entire night out. In that sense, the process of wearing it is almost exactly like wearing a regular lipstick. It feels similar when I put it on, and I use the same amount of pressure to get predictable levels of coverage. This is why I have never liked using glosses from finger-pots or roll-on tubes. I was not accustomed to using them and I could not achieve a look that I liked. I was comfortable using Almost Lipstick right away when I first got it. Almost Lipstick in Black Honey gives me a sheer burst of color and a mature level of shine.

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