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5 Ways to Create Interesting Holiday Nail Looks This Season

The Holidays are a fun and festive time of year. What better way to celebrate the season than with stylish nail designs? Here are a few ideas for unique and flirty holiday nail looks that are easy for anyone to do.

holiday nail art

1. Shatter or Crackle Nails. Select a base color and crackle polish that will contrast well against one another. A lighter or brighter holographic or glitter base color works well. Apply the base color evenly and allow to dry. Once the base coat has dried, apply the crackle polish. One coat should do the trick and the shatter effect should take place instantly. Once the crackle polish has had an opportunity to dry, apply a clear top coat for a glossy finish.

2. Holiday Appliques. Appliques are tiny stickers that can either be left on the nail or painted over and then removed. Try painting a green base color and allowing it to dry. Then apply a Christmas Tree applique and paint over it with red. When the applique is removed, a green Christmas Tree will be popping through red polish. Apply a clear coat or shimmer coat for added holiday flair.

3. Imaginative Designs. Professional looking designs are not as difficult as them seem. Simply apply a base coat such as gold or silver. Then, take a toothpick and dip it into burgundy or forest green. Drag the toothpick over the nail diagonally one direction and then again in the opposite direction to make a simple plaid pattern. Alternatively, use the same method to make polka dots or stripes. With a little imagination, holiday nail designs can be playful and fun.

4. Holiday Colors with an Added Sparkle. Red and Green are trademarks of the holiday season, but several other colors are emerging on the holiday scene, such as deep purple, gold, silver, brown sugar, forest green and burgundy. Simply paint a couple coats of the chosen holiday color and then top it off with a shimmery or sparkle finish for a holiday look that can be dressed up or dressed down.

5. Traditional French with Holiday Elegance. For a holiday event, there is nothing more classy than a traditional French manicure. Jazz up those white tips this holiday season by adding a gem or by adding a thin line of holiday color just below the white. A thin line of red or silver polish looks fantastic.

With these great ways to create interesting and fun nail looks, there is no need to pay for professional nail styles this holiday season. Grab a bottle of polish and let the fun begin!

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